Sunday, July 11, 2010

sad. Seasonal Affective Disorder

I have the opposite of S.A.D.
which is
seasonal affective disorder

Rainy days and Mondays
always make me HAPPY !

How many more days in a row of this hot SUNNY sun ?
I am so tired from this heat !

Oh .... I remember overcast days
Gloomy and nice
chilly and crisp
Sorry about complaining but ....
I can't take anymore of this SUNNY summer and it's only July

so I think this painting of mine is a self portrait , although I am not quite this old or gray
well .... I am sort of gray .... and sort of old

Just wondering if I am the only one
You like this ???????

I wanted to paint but I am going to read a book instead . I sure can't vacuum or paint furniture , that's for sure . Tell me to shut up .... sometimes I LOVE to complain

P.S. > my painting here is actually my Welcome sign on my house ... ha ha ... sort of a mixed message to visitors I think .... beware the gloomy, moody artist within


Unknown said...

I haven't been by in awhile- too many hours working. I am trying to catch up with some of my favorite blogs. I love the Halloween paintings you have been posting recently. I can tell that you are ready for some fall weather. :) I am a sun person myself, but do love crisp fall days.

Cindi Myers said...

Ha! If you check out my post of yesterday you will see I'm right along with ya! LOL!
We were supposed to have thunderstorms today and it just sprinkled! I'm SO mad.
I worked in the garden yesterday and I was just dripping from the heat, I finally had to stagger back into the house for a cold drink and then some watermelon!
Come on Fall!!!!

Priti Lisa said...

Sorry Sandy, you finally got too weird for me! I love the hot, sunny, sweaty weather--just don't wear your nylon panties :D

Read the has feelings too.
I'm love you and your weird art!

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

I don't like it real hot. Being a Shar Pei, I don't like it wet either, though. However, I have to tell you that my Blog Mom has recently noticed that besides hating the heat, somewhere along the line she started finding gray days more cheery than sunny ones with bright blue skies. Her favorites are cloudy days with a little silvery light showing behind the clouds. What she says about it is that sunny and beautiful days are like New Year's Eve. It's like some kind of an obligation to have fun. And also, some gray skies can be more interesting to look at, depending on the clouds.

We both like the painting a whole lot.

wags, Lola

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thanks Trisha for visiting , and for your compliment

Cindi .... I know , I get all excited when it starts to rain , and then .... nothin'

Thank you Lisa > weird is good especially on a RAINY day

and oh my gosh > yes Lola , you said it perfectly , it's like I am 'supposed' to be cheerful when it's sunny

Janine said...

First I love this painting!

To tell you the truth Sandy I am very depressed too right now but it is because of my thick headed husband! God if only I could do my life over knowing what I know now. But of course thinking like that gets no one anywhere! I am stuck with working through it and I go to artwork for that. I have to have and outlet! So I am sorry you too are going through a depression! I really is not fun!

canngil said...

how about Seasonal Hair Disorder?? I am depressed by the amount of hair my two dogs are thoughtfully layering all over the house. it looks like it has snowed on my dark rug two hours after vacuuming...we shaved the one dog that helped some, but you cannot shave a basset!

canngil said...

ps your painting looks like a deflated QE2.....she forgot her baling!

canngil said...

ps your painting looks like a deflated QE2.....she forgot her baling!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

And apparently, neither am I!
I love a rainy Monday. It calms me and makes me happy.
I'm happy to join you in a rain dance any time!

Mariann Johansen-Ellis said...

I love it, reverse SAD...I think that's my ailment too...!! :o)))