Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paul Winchell Jerry Mahoney

Oh boy ! Now I will go video crazy !


Cindi Myers said...

That Jerry kinda creeps me out....
I don't trust him.

Meg Mitchell said...

I grew up with these guys, which I know shows my age but still it was great to see them again. Where's Knucklehead? Wish I could figure out how to do the video dealy... These were fun Sandy.

Ronnie said...

THANKS for some Saturday morning fun, Sandy! Just like the old days. Love Paul and Jerry and Knucklehead Smith!
And Charlie McCarthy. And Howdy Doody! I'm with Meg, I grew up with these guys along with pogo sticks. I could fall asleep jumping on a pogo stick. What a good time to grow up. I was lucky enough to meet Clarabelle in person! :p

canngil said...

we would watch him all the time!@!!
do you remember him singing, "when you come to the end of a lollypop?"
I can still sing it for you!!!

Cindi Myers said...

Sandy, Apparently you are going to have to change your comments to where you "moderate" them. Unfortunnately "Jerry" isn't the only creepy thing out there.
(And whatever you do, DON'T click on the squares, I've been told that it can lead you to BAD stuff.)

Susan said...

Fun video. I had never actually seen Paul and Jerry. I don't remember much TV before 1960, and we only had two channels, so this was new for me. Also, remind readers that if the video clips don't load right away, you can click on the pause button and let the video load a bit and then watch it uninterrupted. BlackCat's right about the comment moderation, when there are so many bad sites out there spamming us, it's reminding us all to change some of our settings. I had to do it also. The days of anonymous comments are over, I guess. Spam ruins everything.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thanks everybody !
By accident I deleted a few comments > SORRY

I have a love /hate thing with this computer