Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Better Homes and Gardens magazine and a give away

well .... Here it is !!!
my snowman hearts are in this Better Homes and Gardens special interest magazine ... click to enlarge
it's in stores NOW , I found the magazine in my grocery store !

I meant to write about this last week but .... Irene the Hurricane distracted me .
Thank God .... we are fine , our house is okay !
But parts of Connecticut had real serious damage . Hope you got through this storm okay !

so .......... I want to say that Etsy and blog people are WONDERFUL !!!
I would not have known the magazine was even out in the stores if it wasn't for JAN in Texas !
I didn't even know her but she was so nice to write to me and say "congratulations .... your work looks great in the magazine "
you know I'm a recluse , a hermit ..... an anti social artist nut ...... so if it wasn't for Jan I would have missed seeing my work published in this magazine
so THANK YOU Jan .... everyone say Thank you JAN
visit Jan's etsy shop .... she makes wonderful art , you will love her dolls

Finally > because of all this excitement I am doing a give away of one .... no TWO snowman hearts
Jerry and I will pick TWO names

oh ... one more thing . a funny weird thing . I never know what people will like [ stuff that I make ] .... what "I" like ... well .... some people don't
They asked me for Three snowman hearts . They published two ,,,, they didn't include MY favorite one .
but here .... on my blog .... I'm giving away two of MY favorite snowman hearts

just want to thank the people at Better Homes and Gardens .... VERY nice people.

leave your name , and/or a comment
and we will pick two names SOON .
can't tell you what day right now .... but it will be soon

Bye !

Monday, August 22, 2011

Thank you Cindi

I've posted my doll's photo before .... he's one of my favorites . He is by my front door and I think my face looks just like this when I have to go out .
but the reason I'm writing here tonight
is to thank CINDI ......... she wrote a lovely post about ME , ..... AND Robin Kent [ you should see Robin's art too ! ]
anyway .....It made me so happy
Her blog is always fun to read , because she is so good at telling stories
I hope you will visit her
here's her blog > it's called oldblackcatboo

thank you Cindi

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

etsy Mahogany Vampire portrait , darling child...[ sold ]

in a very old vintage frame .... I placed my darling vampire girl

in my shop..........sold

Friday, August 12, 2011

Etsy cat stuff

here's two versions of Gordon .... my cat .
see my shop for more details

have a great weekend !!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

adorable vampire children ,,, original painting.....sold

a true story....

these two kids live in my neighborhood , down the street , the house on the corner
I don't see them around in the daytime
after dark ....... I hear them
swinging on the swings
back and forth
back and forth

The boy is Steephan , The girl is Valeria
weird kids , with really bad teeth
are they vampires
no .... couldn't be

this painting is in my shop [ with more details about the painting ]
the rag doll Sonya is still available in my shop
she is afraid of Steephen and Valeria

have a lovely day

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vampire girl portrait .... and ... it's RAINING....[ sold ]

I have not felt like talking or blogging ...... but now I'm happy because it's RAINING
oh I love the sound ... it's so un-cheerful to some people but it cheers me up so much, makes me so happy !!!!!!
it's still hot , but that's ok
here is something I made today
in my shop

JUST sold !!! Thank you Lisa !