Sunday, June 30, 2013

A boy and his Rat [ sold ]

 here you see " A boy and his Rat " propped up in my front window .  I like to walk around the whole house and take photos in different places . I like seeing something weird in an unusual spot ... of course my whole house has weird stuff , so it all blends in .

 here they are on the wall

this is so you can see the thickness .  It's not " real " heavy ....... this is painted on 1/4 inch thick MDF board , which I love because it will not warp
I used acrylics , and many many layers of Inktense ...... paint it , lift off paint , sand , repaint ..... ah .... until it just looks right
I will be putting this in my shop this week
but I was just excited to post it here today .
have a happy Sunday !

**** Update ***** A boy and his rat has just sold ...... thank you

Friday, June 28, 2013

EGGS painting for Etsy [ sold ] ....... a painting ,wood cut out

I think I am starting a new series
kitchen art , coffee shop art ..... restaurant ....... funny wood cut outs ... wall art
I painted this on MDF board , cut it out on my saw ..... and it's ready to hang
hope he makes you laugh

he's in my shop

** just sold **

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

cat doll on Etsy

it's just way too hot
today ... I finished this cat art doll
he is in my shop

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Doll head for Etsy .....

today is Sunday .......
made a doll head
she's in my Etsy shop

I put her on Flickr too ...... I'm so upset with Flickr
I'm having weird annoying problems there ......... why do things that are okay have to change ?
NOW I don't enjoy Flickr
Are you on FLickr ?  I have an Apple computer ..... I wonder if it makes a difference what computer you have ?
tell me please if you are on there and if it's all working for you !
Thanks !!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Odd pillows for Etsy

I finished a few " good to be Odd " pillows
I used Painter's canvas drop cloth
wash it first .... it shrinks a lot .... one side is very nice to paint on .........
these are in my shop !

Friday, June 14, 2013

Pinterest and other things too

 There's other things to do besides painting , but I haven't done much else besides paint lately.  I look on Pinterest and I get inspired ....... here's my Pinterest
I get so inspired even for silly little things like my Aunt Jemima syrup bottle . When I saw this on Pinterest I ran to the basement and found my old syrup bottle , filled it with dish liquid and used a pump top from a hand lotion bottle

and then there was the ladder for the garden idea . OH .... I ran outside to see if I had one behind the garage . There it was .... my father's old wood ladder ..... so now it's in my back yard

and of course my obsession with Quinoa ..... it all started with quinoa spinach patties { with Panko ! ]
and then Quinoa stuffed peppers , quinoa meat loaf , quinoa in soups too

 back to my yard ..... here's these poor little plants , never planted , just plopped them down and went back to work { painting }

and this very cool antique wall planter ..... looks great with plastic containers in it { sarcasm }

and here's Buddy saying hello !

 This is a place mat that I painted for my friend Marsha ..... for her Mimi cat

I've been making fabric hearts again ...... these two are in my Etsy shop

also in my Etsy shop now ..... this fancy cat mat ...... { Honey West cat }......

*** update > this white fancy cat has just sold ***** { thank you ! }

I have some of the others [ from my last post } in my shop now too

It's been raining and raining ...... Unbelievable isn't it ! .......but I don't mind
Rainy Days and Mondays always make me SMILE

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hand painted rugs and Place Mats

**** this rug has sold ***** { thank you to C. and E.  in Pennsylvania }

 I have wanted to make a floor cloth for SO many years ...... The other night I remembered I had a prepared gessoed and cut floor cloth in my closet SOMEWHERE .  Yes Lisa I probably bought it in the eighties { ha ha }
so I found it ..... I turned over the edges , sewed the hem and painted away .
It was fun to do ,

****** this one is in my Etsy shop for sale

 so then I wanted to make another .... but I can't afford buying pre gessoed ones now .... so .... I washed a piece of a painter's canvas drop cloth  { it shrinks a lot } ...... then I cut and hemmed it , primed it both sides , and painted away .  Many coats of poly to finish it off

then I decided to try a pet place mat ...... so this is the drop cloth .... cut and hemmed and painted

 then ..... I decided making rugs from a drop cloth is way too much work .

so I went to Home Depot and bought vinyl/linoleum ....... cut it , primed it , painted it , a few coats of poly
this is a pet place mat

so then I made a birthday place mat........**** update > this duck party one has sold ****

these are large place mats

I wondered how it would work if I decoupaged one of my cats on it
it works just fine !
The balloons and background are hand painted . The cat is a print of my cat , decoupaged on ..... lots of coats of poly
I think this will hold up well ......... I'm going to use it in my house to make sure

so this is what I've been up to ............... I'm on a rug and place mat kick

thanks for stopping by