Saturday, September 15, 2012

Paint Happy Cats

click to enlarge and see on black background

Yesterday .... someone said to me { about Juliette } ...... " sorry you lost your animal "

SORRY you lost your ANIMAL ??????

It's sort of funny .  Funny Sad
I feel bad for anyone who has never known the love of an " ANIMAL "

can you imagine ! ..... ha ha ...... sorry you lost your animal .  I can't get over it .
what do YOU think of that ?

well ....
here is my finished painting of a very happy cat , It's a big square painting .... bright color.  This cat  reminds me of that Coney Island guy , or Alfred E. Newman [ Mad magazine ]

but I am so happy with this BECAUSE it's one of those paintings that " just happened "....

no pre planning , no thoughts , no critical thoughts while painting it ,
I just grabbed the board and started to paint !!!!!

it was magic

it's wonderful when I am not in the way , when it's a pure painting experience

and I'm thinking even though this does not look like Juliette .... it makes me think of her SMILING

THEY DO SMILE  ..... these " animals " we have do smile ....     don't they . !!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

a work in progress and a THANK YOU

I've been so sad because I miss Juliette so much .  working at home , being alone all the time ... these cats are my best friends . and Juliette was wonderful company.  I still have my other three .... Baby M , Holly and Buddy .  I've been hugging them a lot lately .
and it had been a long time since I saw my husband cry .  He loved her a lot too .

Today .... I decided to NOT be sad and I grabbed a piece of plywood and started painting a very HAPPY cat .
The plywood measures 16 x 16 inches .
I remembered to stop painting and take photos , I seem to forget to take photos of works in progress .
Come back and see how it's coming along . I'm actually having fun !
Finally ....
I want to thank you ALL for the kind and loving comments about Juliette
it helped
I know you understand
Sharing Juliette with you made me happy .........

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Had to say goodbye to Juliette yesterday .......  spent the whole day with her yesterday , holding her , talking with her ..... My husband was home , so we had a good but painful last day with her .
She was such a sweet girl .  She was over 18 years old , so I am grateful she was with us for all those years .  I love you Juliette