Monday, June 29, 2009

Clownie and the Lady Lamp

Well .... Clownie is in my Etsy shop
the lady lamp
I love my lady lamp
she was a gift from a wonderful friend .
thank you wonderful friend

see Clownie :

Friday, June 26, 2009

clown dolls ,,,, art dolls

I will put these in my Etsy shop soon.
They are both made from upholstery fabric . I love this fabric .
The first one is a green-ish color . sort of olive green .
The second one is a red burgundy .

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Remember Tate ?

A few posts back , I wrote about Tate .
and P Nut . [ his cat ]
It STILL cracks me up that I drew this picture BEFORE I ever saw Tate .
I STILL love that this happened .
and I still love his happy smile

Princess Stuffed Glove for sale

well .... I am ready to part with
Princess Stuffed Glove .

she needs a happy new home
She is in my Etsy shop .

Thanks ! have a good weekend !

Thursday, June 18, 2009

new pillow

oh ..... this one is going to be hard to part with .
I painted the girl on an old linen napkin , sewed it to a piece of muslin and made the pillow .
I added bits of my mother's old crochet doilies . I tea stained the crocheted pieces . I hand stitched this and old wood buttons and even pieces of cheesecloth .
The pillow measures 12 x 13 inches

I don't know why some things I just want to keep .... maybe because I think my mom would have liked this pillow . Sometimes I just think of her and get a feeling that she approves .

I will put this in my Etsy shop ..... maybe tonight . Michael Husband just came home > gotta shift to thinking WHAT'S FOR DINNER ! ugh

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

two poetry books

I'm so pleased to have my art on TWO recently published poetry books . You can read about Lisa Sornberger and Norah Pollard and read some of their poems on The Antrim House Books website .
If you would like to purchase a book > you can contact me or go directly to The Antrim House catalog pages .
Both Lisa and Norah are amazing writers ....
if you like poetry you might want to check out their work

Lynette and Fozzie Bear

This is Lynette with her little cat
Fozzie Bear .

Thank you Lynette

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tate and P Nut

This is Tate , with his kitty P Nut.
They have a magical friendship .
Tate's mom just bought my drawing of Harry and Houdini .

Isn't Tate CUTE !!! It just made me laugh so much > my drawing does look a little like Tate and P Nut !

Thank you Erica for letting me post these photos
Erica has an Etsy shop too

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Magical Tea pot in my Etsy shop

Well ..... this is a tea pot that was at the America Oh Yes Gallery which I am so sad to say has closed .
SO ..... This lady tea pot I made came back to me and I just put her in my Etsy shop at half the price a gallery would charge .
She is a decorative tea pot . I covered the pot with polymer clay , sculpted her face and painted with ink and soft acrylics . Then I added buttons and beads , sea shells and jewels .
The lid comes off , so you could hide small treasures inside the pot .

New on Etsy ..... my cat girl Art doll JUST SOLD

Hi everybody !
I had fun making a new doll .
she can sit on a shelf or she can be wall art .
She is in my Etsy shop

She needs a home . She's not happy right now because she's stuck in a plastic bag in my hope chest .
The hope chest is now the ETSY hope chest .

Have a good night ! or day ...

OH she just sold ..... she won't be in a plastic bag for long now !

Friday, June 5, 2009

Library Book sale

This morning I went to a library book sale .
Oh .......... what's better than a book sale ?
I got the movie star books [ only one dollar each ]
and I have never read anything by Ayn Rand .
I wanted Atlas Shrugged .... but it wasn't there .
I've read Thomas Hardy books ..... loved Tess of the d'Urbervilles and the Woodlanders .
I love the classics .
never knew about Under the Greenwood Tree .
and lately I am wanting to read about our country .
I also got an old leather bound Bible ... beautiful book .
so I am excited about all the books I got today !
more than this ..... but I just photographed these few. .
I've been away and busy > getting ready for a show at Beverly Kaye's gallery . It's this weekend .
My shop is a little empty
so I'd better go get busy !
Have a great weekend .