Thursday, January 26, 2012

Etsy heart pillow...........sold

Hi ..... Today I made a pretty pillow [ yes ? ] .......... I used an old vintage embroidered bureau scarf and then I added pearls and buttons .... all around the edges I twisted and knotted bits of fabric
yesterday .... I was so depressed ....because I made an awful pillow ....NOT a magic day, yesterday
Hope you are all having a wonderful week !
this heart is in my shop

Thursday, January 12, 2012

making my own curtains

Hi everyone .... just wanted to show you what I've been up to ..... sewing and ironing and hanging curtains !
I just did NOT want to buy 'normal store' curtains . I wanted to make my own .
for a long time I've been looking at seaangels blog ..... I've been inspired !
I went through my stash of old linens and doilies .
This suits my house ... since my whole house is sort of strange [ different ]. It's all tag sale finds [repainted furniture, creepy doll heads , colored glass and of course ....JERRY ]
I still have so much to do ... I have to paint walls , paint the windows , do more fussing and rearranging .
but this is how it looks now . These photos aren't great , but you get the idea .
I bought the stained glass window a few years ago for $45.00 . It's suspended from hooks .
When I bought it , I had no place for it ....... until .... my new WINDOW !!!!

visit seaangels blog
and posy too !
there's so many great blogs , but these are just two [ of the many ] that I like very much.

one last thing > I'm so into tension rods .... I love that I can raise and lower them according to the sun , or for privacy ...or... for ...... MY CATS .
Have a good night !

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

for etsy ... a heart and a doll...... [ sold both ]

I love doilies ... old linens , old bureau scarves .... all that old vintage stuff
I made a heart pillow , made a bunny doll girl
in my shop now

ALL my windows are in , it's so wonderful to have windows !
I've been going through all my doilies , old tablecloths ..... I've been making curtains
I'll show you when I'm done
of course I should be PAINTING the new windows , but I felt like sewing curtains first
have a good week !