Saturday, April 19, 2014

Comedy and Tragedy BABY Heads

I have a friend . Her name is " Hey You " . Actually her name is Lisa , but we seem to call each other Hey You
I get mad at her because she's always giving me presents . I have a hard time accepting gifts , but her gifts are so cool { which makes it easier .... ha ha }
Comedy and Tragedy BABY heads ....... Don't you love these ? !
It's so perfect for me because I'm either crazy happy or really crabby , and .... of course .... because .....
they are BABY HEADS

Hey You ............ thanks !!!

Happy Easter !

Saturday, April 5, 2014

going to Washington

Going to Washington !...... not me .... I never go anywhere , but all this art is going to Washington .
I am SO happy ..... God is good, this was an answer to prayer !
*** update***...... going to Off the Walls Gallery in Washington