Thursday, March 22, 2012

moleskin sketchbook

Page one ..... drawing in my new moleskin sketchbook [ the one that Lynne Hoppe gave me ]

I'm thinking I will draw in this everyday
a drawing every day .... or so .... [ ha ha ]

This is an old lady
the words are taken from an old book [ title of book is called Dreams ]
I like the words even though I don't know what the heck it means

drawing > I used pencil , ball point pen and colored pencil .

It is so freakin' hot ....... I am NOT happy about this
I know you probably like this .... NOT ME ...... it's too hot already !!!!!
too sunny hot and cheerful for me
oh gee ....
enjoy your happy sunny day tomorrow !!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

paper bag floor technique .... on my desk top

I did it Cindi !!!! ......... I don't think Cindi thought I would ever get to this .

I have an old crappy desk , it's where I make my greeting cards . The top was in bad shape .... SO .... I did the paper bag thing and I love it !
you can find detailed directions by google searching > paper bag floors

but ......I don't follow directions . Anyway most of us have done decoupage , and I used to do this technique [ with paper bags ] ... to draw and paint on .
I would mod podge it down on masonite board .... and paint away !
I JUST realized that this is how I painted the cat that you see in these photos !!!
My Red Hat Cat ! ........... I didn't even post this on purpose . I painted this cat a few years ago and now I make greeting cards of her
weird ..... things are weird sometimes

this is how I did the desk >

I sanded the top of the desk , vacuum , then I put a coat of poly on the ugly surface .

Then I tore pieces of brown craft paper [ I had some craft paper [ mailing paper ] or you could use paper bags ] ..... I wet pieces and squeezed out the excess water
don't use scissors

I laid it down with mod podge , push out excess mod podge [ I use a plastic wall paper thing ] , wipe away excess. [you don't need to mod podge the top of the paper.]
I let this dry overnight .

it was fun
after it dried ....I put a coat of poly on .[ low gloss]... let it dry
OR .... if you have no patience [ like me ]....> use your hair dryer

then I wiped on black antique stuff [ that Folk Art medium ], wipe away excess .
then I put more coats of polyurethane on .

I worked on it today [ making greeting cards ] .... and it felt so nice to have a new surface to work on .
we'll see how it holds up !
but , It seems very strong because of the coats of poly.

I like it so much of these days I might do the floor !

Have you ever tried this ? to paint art on it , or for the floor ?
I know it's not a great looking desk , but it looks and feels much better , better than it was !

what do you think Cindi ?
will you do your floors now ?????

Monday, March 19, 2012

I won Lynne Hoppe art !!!! YAY

I am thrilled because I just got a present from an artist I love..... [ love her work AND she's a lovely lady TOO ]
what a wonderful giveaway gift ...... I'm so happy I won

Lynne sent this original painting on a book page
It's called ...' The Tree Tender '
I love it . She has a unique technique . She uses watercolor , gouache , oil pastels , AND beeswax.
she sent me two pencils AND a moleskin sketchbook [ my first one ever ]
and little extras too !

Visit her blog , I'm sure most of you know her already , but if not ....visit the wonderful Lynne Hoppe

thank you Lynne for such a lovely gift .... made me so so happy !!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

creepy doll head in my Etsy shop...... sold

Weird Wendy
spooky doll head .... this is what I made today
acrylics , ink and Inktense
stuffed with a heavy dense cotton stuffing

sweet dreams
she is in my shop
Bye !

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

two creepy clown dolls in my Etsy shop [ both are sold ]

These two have sculpted heads , hands and shoes . The bodies and hats are wool
I'm so behind on everything ! but I finally got to finish these two today and at night watched American Pickers with my husband .
Do you watch it ? I love that show and Pawn Stars too

so .... these are in my shop
have a good week !!!!