Wednesday, July 11, 2012

view from my pillow

It's been a MONTH since I blogged .... shocking !
Everything is fine here , I've just been so busy

I wanted to show you a view from my pillow

You've heard of the book " Where Women [ artists ] Create
This is " Where Women [ artists ] Sleep "

I've been working [ art work ] .... and also taking more time on my spiritual life
Reading more
Praying more
Believing and Receiving
Trusting in HIM

You can see in the photo the books I keep near to me
This is my little nook , my little alcove , crammed with my dolls , books and my friend ..... Buddy

I hope you are having a wonderful summer
Oh I love summer , sunshine , that bright , cheerful , intense penetrating sun ,  sweat on my upper lip , flat limp hair , everybody in shorts , me in long sleeves , wondering if it will ever rain again , bugs ......... oh yes ....... you know I just love summer .  { I know .... sarcasm is stupid }  Anybody who reads my blog knows what I think of Summer
well , have a great week , sunshine and all !!!!!