Tuesday, June 29, 2010

kitty painting...... sold

I think I'm losing my mind because I'm so hot ,
BELOW is info on this painting
and click to enalrge
I mean .... click to enlarge
Oh dear

Kitty in a nice house [ acrylic painting ]

I painted this a while back , maybe a year or two ago .
First I painted the board a solid black , and then I painted glaze after glaze of color . Who knows how many layers I painted , but it does make the colors rich and deep .
I have to paint like this again
Sometimes I forget techniques I used and I forget how much fun it was , I do remember it took forever to paint.

recently .... someone told me this is a REAL technique ! I didn't know that, and I forgot the name of this technique .
Do you know ? Tell me if you do !
This is for sale . eventually I will get all these paintings in my Etsy shop ... but it's too hot so I keep procrastinating

Monday, June 28, 2010

Halloween paintings and an angel in a teacup

Halloween in June
click to enlarge
these are for sale !
contact me for details
The polka dot cat and the witch are big .


Yellow polka dot cat and the witch are SOLD
Thank you !

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Printer's Tray

When I was cleaning my basement , I found my old printer's tray . and then a few nights ago I found a great blog called Boxwood cottage .
On her blog is a printer's tray that she [Carol ] fixed up !
so > she inspired me to do mine
I took out some of the slats , too many tiny openings for me .

Make sure you check out the other photos below so you can see it finished with all kinds of things in the tray , I had to post it all in separate posts or else I would get all confused .
below you can see more photos !
it was fun to go shopping in my own house.

All done

well ... this is it .
painted white and hanging on the wall
lots of the things you see > I made .
like the clown on the pedestal .
and below are more photos for you to see .
That piggy bank was my brother's ,
probably 1950 or so .

Don't forget to click to make this photo larger and THEN click THAT photo . It gets even bigger !

I'm still happy I discovered this and I see that some of you didn't know about it either !!!!!!

one side of the tray

There's a small photo of my mother.
next to her > is her pin.
some cracker jacks toys.
my mom's clothespin [ the kind that still WORK ]
I love OLD clothespins
The Lone Ranger is metal
The clown is old > that old plastic [ who knows ... maybe it's Bake lite ? ] is that what it's called ?
there's more here in this photo that might be Bake Lite
The crazy smiling lady way at the bottom is something I made [ polymer clay ]
The Humpty Dumpty is a music box

on top of the printer's tray

made the snowman , lady and the Charles Chips guy from polymer clay
drew the angel
made the star
the little yellow kid walking is a Cracker Jacks prize
Oh > I made the seashell frame too
The little Santa isn't that old , he just looks old

I painted the clown . He is holding an ice cream cone . I painted this on paper covered board .

the chair under the printer's tray

Years ago I used to find AMAZING chairs at tag sales ,
Lately tag sales aren't so good [ mostly stuff from the dollar store now ]
There I go remembering the good old days again .
anyway ....I painted this chair > painted the flowers ,[ like some old fabric I had ] . I used acrylics .

sold ...... thank you

I didn't expect to sell a Halloween painting in summer !
I made this by laying tissue on board , antiqued the background , then pen and ink and acrylic wash [ like water color ]
click to enlarge
Thanks SO much for ALL your comments >
I'm going now to paint MORE frames
Have a good weekend !

P.S. > did you KNOW that when you click the photo to enlarge ... then if you click THAT photo it gets even BIGGER !!!!! I didn't even know this , I just discovered that this happens . Did YOU know THIS ?
I feel like an idiot ... ha ha

Friday, June 25, 2010

Popsicle colors

I'm still painting frames , giving a new look to all my paintings
Some will go on Etsy , some will go to galleries.
This morning as I look at them , as I sit in my VERY hot house .... I realize these are the colors in my freezer !
Popsicle colors !

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Painting frames and cleaning

I've been so excited to paint all my frames that I kept forgetting to take the 'before' photos .
so this is what I've been doing > transforming paintings that bored me by painting the frames .
click to enlarge
Happy Thursday everybody !

Monday, June 21, 2010

NEW painted frames to spruce up my paintings

Oh I am so so... so EXCITED !
Take a look at my painting .
It's painted on board , which I then cut out on my scroll saw and placed in a frame . it is three separate pieces .

This painting is called

you can click to enlarge

The frame is boring , so TODAY ... I painted the frame
and I think it looks so much better
Tell me if you like it ???
I think it totally changed it ... don't you ?
so ... go to Home Depot and try these paints . You will like them !!!!
I have MORE paintings to show you , but I will post later this week
Thanks for visiting !

Friday, June 18, 2010

Home Depot enamel paint...LOVE it

I hate summer , I hate hot , I hate sweat . and all the stores were hot , the grocery store and Home Depot ..... very stuffy and hot ......BUT
I got happy today because I went to HOME DEPOT and bought these little jars of paint
CLICK to enlarge photo .
I LOVE these paints . It is a flat enamel paint , covers really well .
If you want shine you'll have to put a polyurethane on .
AND these only cost $ 2.94 each .
SO many colors to choose from .
I just wanted to share this with you , Try them ! Let me know what you think !

Thursday, June 17, 2010

mermaids painting /// sold !!!!

I painted this a long time ago ..... and I am finding that doing some touch up work and painting the frame just made it come alive again !
in my shop

I'm so excited > I am going to meet my cousin at Stratford Antiques today .......It will be fun , maybe I will buy something , maybe I won't clean today .a happy Thursday to everyone !

Hey did you watch the new T.V. show on Bravo ? It's called Work of Art .
Sarah Jessica Parker is the producer .
It is an American Idol for artists .
I liked it although I didn't agree with the judges on some things ... it's just fun to watch because it's about nutty ARTISTS !
I watch American Pickers and Pawn Stars too > do you watch any of these shows ??????

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alice in Polka dot Land

Alice lost her way in Wonderland and wandered into Polka dot Land .

In between cleaning I fixed up this painting from a few weeks ago

Now I am in my studio ... cleaning
I have to keep cleaning > this is crazy the way I let things pile up

Alice is in my shop

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer is the winner

Summer has won the giveaway > the little book and the cat pillow
Thank you to everyone
Dear Summer ... I need your address . Please email me !
Jerry loves giveaways , so we'll do it again soon
Thank you !!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010


I went to a book sale and picked up this Maurice Sendak book .... for one dollar
I love this little book !
and also a cat pillow that I made .

I have to tell you that I suffer from 'overwhelm' . especially when I am cleaning . I'm like a crow > anything shiny distracts me . As I am cleaning I get ideas , I want to read this book , read a magazine article .....
I found things done there that I totally forgot about !
I am not done in the basement . I had a deadline of June 1 st. but I am cleaning over 25 years of stuff down there in the cellar . so I guess I was dreaming to try to make a deadline .
I lost my rhythm with creating and blogging . It feels weird .
but I'm glad that I am cleaning . I'm starting to feel better now
I have some stories to tell you ....
but I will wait for that
so .....
Please leave your name
Today is Monday > I'll pick a name at the end of the week . I have to see when Jerry is available .He always likes to pick the winner !
one more thing > about the Maurice Sendak book >
Denise found a clip of the movie !!!!
It is SO SO cute .
a you tube video
about Jenny the dog

You gotta see it
Everyone say thank you to Denise !

Friday, June 4, 2010

I'll be back soon

I am still cleaning .... went to the dump again today . and I have lost my momentum , I have lost myself in cleaning . I will be back soon with a give away . It's the only thing I can do to thank you for all your visits, comments and support . You make me laugh , and I need to laugh more
I'll be back soon !