Friday, October 31, 2008


wow .... I just found out that my painting ' American Pie '
is on THE Greenwich Workshop Gallery's BLOG

Oh .... wow ..... I can't get over this !
please go take a look !!!!!!!!
I woke up today feeling 'invisable ' . I wonder if you feel that way sometimes too? I think being an artist .... I'm always alone , working, painting ...
wondering who is looking at my work .
This was quite a thrill
please take a look

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doily Ladies...... sold

Today I went to Stratford Antique Center ...
bought a little doily

I tried INKTENSE pencils
on fabric !!!!!

I drew these ladies with pen .
and then used inktense
It worked .
I didn't need to add much water , so it didn't bleed out of the lines .

Yes .... it was fun .
It is also a reminder to me to lay off the pierogies ....
I wonder if you know what pierogies are .

Buddy says ...
It's 2 a.m.

He is sitting here
waiting .
I'd better go now
Good night
Good morning !

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Buddy Paws

This cat ...
my cat

I love this

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Etsy :: bobetsy :: original pillow art - hand embroidered cupcake angel

Etsy :: bobetsy :: original pillow art - hand embroidered cupcake angel

Cathie Jo did it again ! she made another beautiful pillow of my cupcake angel .
Click the link ... it will take you right to her page !
Do any of you know ....of a great store that these pillows would be perfect for ?

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I just finished packing a HUGE box to send to Cavalier Gallery so he can send it to Florida . It is so much work to pack up paintings and all the odds and ends . But it's done . It's a relief but at the same time I get sad .
anyway .... now I sit and wait
The show is the first week of December , that seems far away .

My friend Tom stopped by last night and he gave me this great old photo from the forties of all these ladies sitting in front of the factory they worked in . Such a great photograph . So after I packed up my stuff .... I took out " Willow " and drew a lady . Yes this is with inktense pencil . Willow willow willow

Thanks Suze

Just a thank you here to
Suze wrote such nice things and posted three of my illustrations .
[ my favorite ones too ! ... how did she know ? ]
.... thanks so much Suze ! you made my day special !

Friday, October 24, 2008

Girl / tree in mat

I'm so happy with this .
remember this ?
I had drawn her on a thin [expensive ] paper so I knew she would have to be under glass , but I was stuck on how to present her .
PRAYER works ! God helps . God listens . I believe God inspires and guides us and then we can rejoice with him . I know .... it's only a drawing but these are my moments with the Lord and I then hope it will bring some happiness to the viewer
ANYWAY ..... the inspiration was to put her in a large mat and then CONTINUE the drawing on the mat.
so I am feeling pretty happy right now
What do you think ???? The Lord and I would like to know !
also .... I don't have a title . any ideas ????

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Home Town Buffet

I am madly painting wild , crazy and hopefully
funny things for Miami . I have to ship everything out on THIS Monday .
So ... here are the Girls on a night out in Miami
this is in a large frame
18 x 38 inches
Please tell me if you laughed
did it make you laugh ????????
oh I hope so

Pink Crayon Studio

I think it is so cool that Suze at
added me to her links .... using a painting of mine in her sidebar
She has a fun blog ..... go see
Thank you Suze

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

dolls for Miami

There's a certain bloggy friend of mine
MELISSA !!!!!!
She always knows WHEN I post something new .
How does she do this ?
I think she's an angel
so ....
hello Melissa
do you like my dolls ?


The thing about drawing :
sometimes it's a struggle ,
sometimes it's so magical .
just pick up a pencil and see what comes out
When it ' just happens '...
you wonder where your head was at so you can do that again ! This is why I'm so addicted .
It's such a joy when I relax and just draw !
These are going to Miami too .

going to Miami

These ladies
are off to the
Red Dot Show in Miami .
I think they
need some sun .

I painted them on board and cut them out with my saw.

when they hang on the wall
it casts a shadow

Happy Wednesday !

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mr. NonDescript

Someone told me that I don't draw enough
men .
so today I drew.....
Mr. NonDescript

and Inktense does not work very well on smooth paper .

Much better on watercolor
or illustration board .

I'm working too hard .
trying too hard .

stressing over this Miami show .

so little time
I am weak
food .... I need food .... water
I'm fading
I'm melting

Derwent Inktense Pencils

I don't want to take a shower
I don't want to fry the baloney
for dinner
I don't want to vacuum the house
I don't want to
answer the phone
I don't want to
do the laundry
I go to sleep
dreaming of
and wake up
my lovely
colored pencil
waiting for me on my drawing table
can you tell I'm obsessed with Inktense ?
I'm still just experimenting
You have to try these pencils . It's like magic !!
nuts ..... I have to go get dressed and do real life stuff before I can draw again
nuts nuts nuts !!!!and as my mother used to say 'oh ..... sh..........sugar '
P>S> I don't really fry baloney for dinner [ that just popped into my head ]

Sunday, October 19, 2008

pen and ink and Inktense pencil

I am in love with
Derwent inktense pencils

this is an illustration I did today
click on picture to see it larger

I just want to leave it as is .
I don't want to add more ,
but then again ....
I'm not sure .

What do you think ?
Done ?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pillow art by Cathie Jo and Sandy

I have more fun stuff to tell you about but , before I do .....
click on the pillow so you can see it large !

I have a new friend that I met through Etsy . Her name is Cathie Jo .
She is a really sweet and funny lady.
She makes beautiful embroidered items . Her work is excellent !
We have worked out an agreement
and now she is licensed to embroider some of my images . This is a pillow she embroidered for her Etsy shop . Isn't it pretty ????
Embroidering takes a long time .... one stitch at a time . I think she does wonderful embroidery .

I'm really excited about this .
Please take a look at her shop .

She has also taken a few of my other drawings and framed them and there is a ballerina on a tea towel too .. They are in her Etsy shop now .
AND she will be adding MORE ... so please go back to her shop often .

Maybe you remember this drawing from my earlier post .
[ August 18 , 2008 post ]
so .... please go visit Cathie Jo's shop
and tell us if you like this new stuff we are doing !!!!!!!
We would both LOVE to hear from you >>>>>>
Thank you
If you have a few moments .... please read the comments . I love them all . and there is a truly wonderful one from Cathie's husband . [ what a husband !!!!]
don't hold your breath for MY husband to write ! Oh ... today is our anniversary
34 years . I love you Michael

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hi everyone .....
I want to share my good news !
My paintings [ including the one above ] will be shown at The Red Dot art show coming up soon!

I am so excited about this
This is a very important show .
Red Dot shows are held in
London, New York and Miami
My work will be exhibited by the Cavalier Gallery in the Miami show... [ first week in December ]

I have SO much work to do !
It's stressful but FUN

I may not be able to keep my Etsy shop as full as I want it to be ... but I will try

Thursday, October 9, 2008

time to vote Greenwich Workshop small works

You can vote now ..... for the paintings you like [ hopefully you will vote for ME !!]

Thank you everyone !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jerry picked Cathy

well ... I wrote 12 names on pieces of paper , mixed them up and Jerry picked Cathy of One Pink Goose .
Cathy has a great blog full of her wonderful drawings You really should visit her blog ,web site and etsy shop

so .....

Thank you to EVERYONE!!!!!!
We'll do it again sometime soon

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sunflowers Tea and Cupcakes original painting GIVE AWAY

Please leave your name .

I am giving away this painting

it's an 8 x 10 acrylics with pen
on mat board

an original. one of a kind
Thanks .......
for your wonderful support
and all that kind of etc. stuff

OH and PLEASE tell anyone you know . I would love to meet new people
well It's 1 a.m. , early Friday ! I guess I will do a drawing on Tuesday night
I'll have Jerry do the drawing