Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paul Winchell Jerry Mahoney

Oh boy ! Now I will go video crazy !

Fleet Foxes - Crayon Angels (The Black Cab Sessions) 03/06/08

I can't believe I did this ! It was easy even though I don't remember what I did now .
and I owe a thank you to Ronnie for encouraging me to try this .
Anyway > do you like seeing an occasional video ?
I would love to post a favorite video occasionally
Fleet Foxes are great . This song was originally sung by Judy Sill
Oh >>>> and on You Tube there are a whole bunch of Black Cab Sessions with other singers too !

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sharing Stitches by Chrissie Grace

I'm in Chrissie's book !!!!! My art I mean ... AND a photo of me and JERRY ... ha ha ha

Chrissie wrote about me on her blog { her July 28 ,2010 post ] and posted some photos . Please visit her blog . She has a write up about me and the other artists in her book

The book can be pre-ordered on Amazon .

There are 15 artists that contributed . ....and Jenn of noodle and lou , Catherine of Red Shoes ,
Danita , Claudine Helmuth .... and more artists that I don't know
The book has directions on projects we have made

You can read more about the 'Sharing Stitches' book [ by Chrissie Grace ] on Amazon ..

Thank you Chrissie for writing about me and for asking me to part of your book .
I'm very excited and happy about this !!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bride and Groom , cat art dolls standing

I made a happy happy wedding
couple ... ha ha

These are my wood cutouts
I made stands for them
I think this could be used as a cake topper
for nutty cat people

I'll be putting this in my shop SOON

Hey guess what > after two days of the computer nightmare .... I went to my car this morning and the battery was dead ! I had to wait for the triple A guy
It was my fault > I had left my parking lights on
Oh .... it's these little things that are hard sometimes . Annoying but .... it all works out . learning patience > getting mad doesn't change a thing .

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cat in a Yellow dress , wood cutout , standing

This is Meena . My illustration of a little cat girl on wood . You know how I make these , but I'll write it again ..... I mount a print of my original drawing onto MDF board and cut it out on my scroll saw
and I made the little stand out of wood too

click to enlarge
I'll be putting this kitty in my shop later tonight
but if you want one > let me know !

Thank you

OH ..... I forgot to tell you . I had a terrible weekend and crappy Monday . We had a horrible thunder and lightning storm and it knocked out our T.V. and computers . What a miserable experience to get someone here to fix everything . It took three separate visits from three different guys to fix it .
The first two couldn't do it . The last guy today fixed it ..... thank God .

Hope you had a good weekend !
nuts > I just noticed I smudged a star .... now I have to go fix that !

This just sold > but I will make more ........ soon !

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

art doll , wood cutout , Fancy Amelia

SOMETIMES >>>>> sometimes I make something and I really like it . This is from my ' Voice of the Dolls ' series of illustrations and paintings .

This art doll makes me think of my mother ,
because if she were here ..... I just have this feeling she would like this one
I named her Amelia after my mom
It's weird though > I have to tell you that my mother had about five different names
she went from Emilja [ Polish ] to Emily to Emilia
back to Amilja
to Mille .... to Mitzi .... to Melu
to MOMMY ..... to MA [ when I was older ]
holy mackeral

anyway > You can see more of Amelia
in my SHOP !

Monday, July 19, 2010

Egg Head painting

My paintings are at Cavalier galleries for the summer season .

You can see some of them on their website ..... but they didn't put them all on !!!!!!!!!
That makes me crazy !
so .... HERE is one that they did not put on the website

click to enlarge !

This is Egg Head . He built his house on sand and if you know your Bible that is not wise to do !
Build your house on the rock ........ JESUS !
so you can find me there at
Cavalier Gallery on Nantucket

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedding couple and air conditioning

Many years ago > I used to pour plaster into my old chocolate molds and make Rabbits and Santas and more . This is a wedding couple that I made . The mold I have is metal .... it's old ! I made the base from polymer clay .
I painted the figures and antiqued them . I made these chalkware type of figures because I couldn't afford Vallencourt things ... ha ha
so I made my own ! and also sold these in gift shops

Husband Michael bought a little air conditioner and oh my gosh .... it is little lightweight thing ,
it cooled the house a little but mostly it got rid of the humidity
He got it at Walmart for $125.00 and it only weighs about 40 pounds
I had no idea they made them like this !
We have one in the basement collecting dust and it's metal and the thing must weigh 400 pounds . and there it will stay .

anyway > so now behind this wedding couple , in this window is my lovely little air conditioner that wrecks the look of my pretty little window , but that's okay ..... I am thanking the Lord for this air conditioner !
My cats look better , and I swear I heard Juliette say thank you !

Oh > click to enlarge

ONE more thing > Visit Cathy's blog to see her new wall of art [ some of my work is there ]
I love it !

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

rabbit , cat and Bea....sold

I made little friends for Bea

in my shop !

I added a few other things to my shop too, including a sculpted perfume bottle

Monday, July 12, 2010

Teapot Lady

My teapot lady
A teapot which I covered with polymer clay , I sculpted her face .... added hand painted details
encrusted all over with jewelry , seashells , buttons rhinestones
and I antiqued her , I love the way antiquing brings out more details
click to enlarge !
These teapots are gallery art ..... from my "Teapots and Ladies " collection .
she is in my shop

Sunday, July 11, 2010

sad. Seasonal Affective Disorder

I have the opposite of S.A.D.
which is
seasonal affective disorder

Rainy days and Mondays
always make me HAPPY !

How many more days in a row of this hot SUNNY sun ?
I am so tired from this heat !

Oh .... I remember overcast days
Gloomy and nice
chilly and crisp
Sorry about complaining but ....
I can't take anymore of this SUNNY summer and it's only July

so I think this painting of mine is a self portrait , although I am not quite this old or gray
well .... I am sort of gray .... and sort of old

Just wondering if I am the only one
You like this ???????

I wanted to paint but I am going to read a book instead . I sure can't vacuum or paint furniture , that's for sure . Tell me to shut up .... sometimes I LOVE to complain

P.S. > my painting here is actually my Welcome sign on my house ... ha ha ... sort of a mixed message to visitors I think .... beware the gloomy, moody artist within

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Paper doll on wood , Bea

This is Bea , I drew little alphabet letters on her shirt .

I have a doll collection , and these dolls always make me want to draw .
So last night I saw this doll on my shelf , she is an old rubber doll ..... I took her down , and drew her with my Inktense on illustration board.
I mounted her onto wood ,and then cut her out on my scroll saw
I made a little stand for her too !

she's in my shop

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Halloween cut out dolls

Meet.....Stanley and Sally Halloweenski

they are 100 % Polish [ just like me ]

They are in my shop
click to enlarge

Monday, July 5, 2010

Bunny Clouds painting

......................... Happy Independence Day [ a day late ]
but we let's remember and be grateful all year long .
I hope you all had a good day !
I stayed home and made Halloween things and painted this painting.
It's in my shop !
Does anyone have a better title ?
I was thinking
" look behind you dopey "

Friday, July 2, 2010

Love Red click to enlarge........ sold

I painted this on paper covered board
lots of red
lots of details

I put this and some of my other paintings
in my Etsy shop

On another note > did you happen to see the last episode of " Work of Art "
I am completely disgusted
It was filthy , blasphemous , DISGUSTING
I am so disappointed . I wonder how Sarah Jessica Parker could have allowed this to be shown
Tell me if you saw it and what did you think
I think it's so sad .... and it made me angry too