Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just wanted to post ' SOMETHING '
to say hello and Happy Friday to everyone.

This is my clay lady . I sculpted her onto an old glass bottle . She is standing next to one of my favorite books . I've never read this book . Have you ?
Should I read this ? I know it's a classic .... I guess I should read it .

The cover is amazing . brilliant .

so ....... happy Friday , have a great weekend .

Monday, May 26, 2008

My 44 year old troll doll

I remember the day ..... my mother bought this for me at Read's department store in downtown Bridgeport . Read's was THE store to go to .

wow ...... 1964

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our house

Our house.... is a very very very nice house ..... with four cats in the yard

la la la

I had a big day this past Friday . Two very important people came to my house to see my work .
I actually vacuumed and brought out a ton of my stuff . I thought you might like to see my living room . [ It looks big in the photo but this is a small house ]
On the mantle ledge I lined up all my Cracker Jack prize toys .

and these two people were

thrilled to meet ...........

PP boy

I would like to introduce you to ....

PP BOY !!!!!

Yes, I dress him up ...... sometimes he likes to wear an old hat that belonged to my Aunt Stella .

Full view of PP boy

I fell in love with PP boy at Seymour Antique Center [ in Ct. ] . Of course I couldn't afford him but happily the owner traded with me for a painting .

The crazy antique dealer { Tom} is now my friend . He gave PP boy his name by the way.
Tom a.k.a. Senor Loco has a website .
I painted a piece of furniture for him . It's called Whispers of the Rose Twins . You can see it there along with a ton of interesting things .

my tiny dining room

tiny dining room .... with my froggy centerpiece on the table . along with a giant notebook of paintings to show them .

Froggy Centerpiece

The little round things are flowers encased in a weird plastic. I bought them [ one dollar each ] at an estate sale . I think they're pretty old .....handmade .
oh there's a little rat fink there [ in the photo ]
see him ?

more paintings in dining room

So.... I will tell you soon ...something exciting [ who the mystery people are ] .

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Paper Boy

I bought a few new Pigma Micron pens and drew this boy on paper , placed it on the mantle .

Right before Dancing with the Stars, Michael saw it... and named it

"Paper Boy "

So .... took the night off and watched the show . I'm so glad Kristi won .

Happy Wednesday !!!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jerry picked THREE winners !

So the winners are Karla [ Karla's cottage [typepad] ] and Sandy [ milwaukee cupcake queen] and Diana [ a muted palette blog]

This was so much fun.
Thanks for all your 'nice' and 'FUNNY'
comments .
Thanks !!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Give away !!!!! Cupcake card SET

Please leave a comment HERE on this post .
I am giving away this set of Cupcake greeting cards!

These are blank 6 x 9 cards , pen and ink illustrations , colored pencil.

So leave me a comment and tell me .......
Tell me how much money you have !
Only kidding
Tell me how old you are !
only kidding

Tell me which card you like the best .
You can see each one ... scroll down. [or tell me how much you weigh ]

I"m ONLY kidding around .... you don't HAVE to answer any questions .... just post in the comments !!!!I [ but I LOVE the comments you leave .... they're really funny !!!!!!! ] .... so I hope you DO leave a comment . I need some laughs

I will have 'JERRY ' draw a name on May 17 . this Saturday. [at midnight ]
I never told you that Jerry has a twin brother {Jerry}. One Jerry is just a head but his twin brother { Jerry } has an arm. So he will draw the winning name on Saturday night and he will make his appearance here holding the winner's name . So SEE? even if you lose -you win . You get to meet one arm Jerry . Thanks everybody !

Baby Em with Big Boy

It's 3 a. m.
Do you know where your Big Boy doll is ????

Thursday, May 8, 2008

#1 lady

Now I know .... I am truly convinced ....I'm NUTS.
[ nuts, stupid and obsessed ]
I started painting today at 11 a.m....painting a lady with her cat . Here's the first unfinished one :
BUT I didn't like her so I painted her out and ended up with #2 lady below .........

#2 lady

This is #2 lady [ unfinished ] but I wasn't happy so I got rid of her

# 3 Lady [ unfinished ]

Now it's midnight .... so 12 hours later here is number three lady. [ which I don't know if I like her ]. More work to be done on this.

NOW I look back and I sort of like the other two . I sort of like the second lady with the dead eyes . I will NOT black out #3 lady . I could have had three paintings but I kept painting over them .
I'm like.......
an insane . perfectionist, obsessed ..... NUT
I'm so tired .....
Do you like number three lady ?

a photo of Holly .....finally

Holly in a frame . I have posted Emma and Juliette and Buddy . Finally I got Holly . She actually runs away when she sees the camera . I thought this was so cute , she fits in an 8 x 10 frame .
as you can see I have paintings and frames EVERYWHERE .

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tag Sale

Went to a tag sale this past weekend . This WHOLE box was ten bucks .
[ not including Jerry ]

He jumped in for fun .

Jerry loves it .
Baby doesn't .

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Check out Cavalier Gallery

This is a teaser . This is a small part of a painting . If you would like to see the whole painting .... please go to .....................
Cavalier Gallery

Type my name in the search and it will take you to my 3 pages of paintings .

I am SO happy to be in this beautiful gallery on Nantucket . There are two more paintings below that are at Cavalier too . I've posted quite a few paintings here on this blog that have gone to Cavalier . Paintings that you have left wonderful comments on . Those comments made me feel so good ...... thanks again .

Dreaming of Heathcliff

This is called 'Thoughtful Lady '
She is painted on masonite board. . I cut her and the flower vase in separate pieces so there is open space that casts great shadows and gives it depth .
[ at Cavalier Gallery Nantucket ]

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Paper dolls

I have all these great things to put on this blog and ..... THIS is what I chose ???
This is Sandra Squash-Head and Zombie doll.

Have a lovely Sunday . I am going to Seymour on Sunday to pick up my paintings . Zoe and Floyd Gallery is closing [ which makes me sad ]

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon

Not knowing what to name this 16 x 20 acrylic painting . But ......The Moody Blues are singing ...........' Tuesday Afternoon ' . It fits . There's blue in it and it's Thursday afternoon . I never know what day it is anyway
so ...... Tuesday Afternoon .
[ unless someone has a better title ?]