Monday, July 26, 2010

Cat in a Yellow dress , wood cutout , standing

This is Meena . My illustration of a little cat girl on wood . You know how I make these , but I'll write it again ..... I mount a print of my original drawing onto MDF board and cut it out on my scroll saw
and I made the little stand out of wood too

click to enlarge
I'll be putting this kitty in my shop later tonight
but if you want one > let me know !

Thank you

OH ..... I forgot to tell you . I had a terrible weekend and crappy Monday . We had a horrible thunder and lightning storm and it knocked out our T.V. and computers . What a miserable experience to get someone here to fix everything . It took three separate visits from three different guys to fix it .
The first two couldn't do it . The last guy today fixed it ..... thank God .

Hope you had a good weekend !
nuts > I just noticed I smudged a star .... now I have to go fix that !

This just sold > but I will make more ........ soon !


Rebecca Ramsey said...

I love Miss Kitty!

Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. We had lightning and storms take out a pear tree last week and zap a computer too. I think we were just lucky that the problems weren't bigger. A few years ago lightning murdered my main computer.

canngil said...

Hi Sandy!
sorry to hear about the power big time. we are all so dependent on our electronic amusements!
your pictures did not come up when I tried your page. I am sure that they are adorable though!
LOVE little boy kitty!!! so sweet and weird!! might put him in my living room, might put him in my bedroom...gotta think about this one.

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

Oooh, we had that storm here on Long Island, but we got luckier with the power here at our house. Some friends were on Fire Island and saw it turn from CT and come down here. Must have been some sight.

Love the kitty!

wags, Lola

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thanks for visiting and your comments
It did make me think and worry about how dependent I am on this computer

I didn't put this kitty in my Etsy shop .... YET

I took the night off > to just sit and watch some crap on T.V.

I will put this one in my shop tomorrow sometime

Cotton Picker said...

Lightning and thunder storms are always a worry for me. We have a network of 5 computers in our house. I always shut them down and unplug them before a storm. Lightning damage happens more often than one would think.

I'm glad you got your problem resolved.

The Blackwood Cottage said...

Very cute cats! Your work is such fun.