Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Painting of Little Red Riding Hood

                                 this is the beginning

                                         Half way there

                                    all done ....... an 11 x 14 acrylic painting on canvas board

                                 A closer look
This painting of Red Riding Hood " Might " be going to Australia !

Thought I would share a painting in progress
Have a great week every body !!!!!!

*** update **** > sold ...... she's on her way to Australia !!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Witch art doll Halloween

It was hard for me to get BACK into making art ........ I spent so much time away painting the kitchen .
I had a few tough days ..... I just couldn't relax into creating
Thank you dear God ...... today I made a doll , had FUN making this doll
I don't know why I made a Halloween doll !!!
but here she is
I will make more ..... and open a Halloween section in my etsy shop EARLY this year !
Hope you are having a fun creative day !

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

painting the kitchen

I've been so busy , busy painting my whole kitchen and hallway too !

For MANY years .....It WAS all whites and beige { shabby chic } , and it was dirty and a MESS !
I needed COLOR .  I NEEDED a big change .
I decided on a color called Botanical Green { Behr paint } and a Martha Stewart pink color { made into Behr paint }
The above photo is over the kitchen table . That's a really big old mirror that makes the kitchen look bigger . I put a shelf under it .

 so the table is here ..... but we don't really use it . It belongs to the cats . How did THAT happen ?
There's two old wicker laundry baskets there , that's where you'll usually find Buddy and Baby Em .

To the left of the mirror I placed my RAT boy . I painted him on wood and cut him out on my saw .
Above him is my Breakfast painting of Wanda the Waitress  .... with her menu and flying fried egg .

 I love my rat boy .

On the other side of the big old mirror is my painting of Adele . It's a Budgie birthday party painting .

This is something I put together years ago .... an old greeting card , fabric background , buttons on the frame .

This is above my pie safe cabinet .
just the top of it ..... I really wanted you to see the peacock feathers and Jesus !

This is the sink area .  That is my garden window over the sink . I LOVE the garden window .
I made the valance from vintage hankies , and the other part is a very old sheer bureau scarf { it has embroidered flowers on it }

This is the the other part of the kitchen , my two room kitchen . The frig , oven and microwave are in here , and the back door .

see that small bookcase ?  The top part is from an old rocking chair . to the right of that book case is the hallway to the bathroom .

 I found this rug on sale at Marshall's for twenty dollars .

and my new Rachel Ray tea kettle .   yeah ..... I went with COLORS !!!!!

It was so hard to take photos . The colors aren't quite true in these photos .
but I love these colors  ..... the colors are bold but soft . Who knew with all this color that it could be so restful !
This was a much needed big change .  It has lifted my spirit . and I thank the Lord BECAUSE ..... it REALLY was God that helped me to do this . HE knew I needed to do this .
God is so good
so paint a room , add some pussy willows and peacock feathers..... some colors , do some cleaning .....
it will make you happy
Paint a room !!!!!! it will lift you up !

thanks for visiting and taking this little tour .

I'll be back again soon
I have more kitchen type of things to tell you about !