Thursday, January 27, 2011

today is Thursday ....Shovel-day

I hope you will read my last post...{ from last night at 2 a.m. }. Now I will show you why I was scared . [ this is for Dixie who is laughing right now , ha ha ]
But Dixie ... I was scared because we are never prepared . LOOK at that BROOM
I took two photos of Mister Red Broom because I can't believe this is our only broom and that's what we used to clean our cars .
and then .... I fell down . Oh .......I got wedged in between the car and a huge mountain of snow .
I couldn't get up . I've fallen and I can't get up. You should have heard me calling for Jesus.
ha ah ha ha
then there's the cheap boots . I stuff them with Stop and Shop bags
and my huge old paint splattered sweat pants that kept falling down ,[ not because I'm skinny ... the elastic is shot ]
and my husband talking about Florida . Are you ready to move NOW ? he says
and he has icicles coming out of his nose [ snot-icles ]
so we shoveled all morning ...the front and the driveway , not even the back stairs .
Oh > another photo here is of my mailbox . My mailbox clown ... made by my artist friend Clem Ruggiero
and see that white house ? It's the house I grew up in ..... it's right across the street
That is the porch I stood on , in my stupid prom dress , in my dopey wedding gown
I feel MUCH better now . at least we shoveled . now I hear snow is coming this weekend and then a big one next Wednesday ? [ maybe ]
I really really should , one of these days , buy important things , ya know ? ..... instead of buying fabric and ....stuff to make doll hair from .
the other day I went to Staples and bought $20.00 worth of magic markers
I should have bought a broom and a new shovel and new pants and real boots .
I have to work on my priorities

too much snow ....I'm scared

It's snowing and snowing and snowing and snowing and snowing's almost 2 a.m. here and my husband went to bed and I'm scared
I don't remember this much snow ever ...not in a very long time anyway
Maybe it looks worse looking out the window
there's a little tree on my front yard , I planted it a year ago . I can only see the top branch .
I can't see our cars . wow
even my own art is scaring me , my dolls are scaring me .... ha ha oh boy
I'm okay .
Fear not , for I am with you
Be not afraid for I am thy God
I will comfort you
I will help you
I will uphold you by my victorious right hand.

I think that's right > from Isaiah
okay that helps . thanks God . How do people live without faith in God ?
I don't know how we can shovel all this snow ..... there's no place to put it
How is it where you are ?????
There's so much snow out there

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

more .... dolls

more dolls in my shop .... these two and more !
I'm cold
but I would rather be cold than hot
which do you hate more ... july ? or january ?
which do you like more .... july ? or january ?
more snow tomorrow ..... yay and ya ya

Thursday, January 20, 2011

art doll , a new one on Etsy, this is Mina

well .... we're getting more snow . I don't mind , I'll make soup and I'll stay home making dolls , but I will have to shovel ... that's okay .
Here is a new doll . she's little . Her name is Mina
and I have more dolls that I will list soon
but for now ....... Here'sssss Mina !

in my shop............... JUST sold

Sunday, January 16, 2011


My mother never swore . But she used to say .... " Nuts " and " Sugar " all the time
Sugar had a big SH sound
so Ma ..... NUTS to this
This post is for my mom in heaven and two blog friends
visit them both > you will love them
Vintage Sue > her blog [ she's funny and does great fun decorating and 'junkin' ]
Lynne Hoppe > her art blog [ so talented and my new Tolstoy buddy ]

so > this is what is making me nuts

LIFE before [ without ] Etsy
read books
visit friends
clean and decorate my house [ putz around ] ........ garden too
draw for hours
go for walks
wear normal clothes
go to real stores . besides consignment shops

LIFE with Etsy
do Etsy
think Etsy
write Etsy emails
take a thousand photos for Etsy
make little extra thank you gifts for Etsy customers
worry about Etsy
do Flickr for Etsy
do Facebook for Etsy
do Twitter for Etsy

etcetera ......... or my new word is ..... etsy-etera
ha ah ha ha ..........

I am SO SO grateful to have an Etsy shop ......... but it's making me nuts
I have to go back to the things that made me happy before etsy .

does Etsy make you nuts ? are you spending SO much time on the computer ?
Did your mother say NUTS and SUGAR instead of swearing ?

I think I miss reading the most ........ I love Tolstoy
If you have never read his work , take an Etsy break and read anything by him

have a good day
OH >>>>>>>> I just listed new dolls in my ETSY shop

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Carnival Pig in the snow

spent the day with a shovel instead of a paint brush ! Did you get lots of snow too ????
Carnival Pig wanted to go outside . I forgot to take a photo of Jerry watching and laughing from the window !
click to enlarge .... if you need to see snow close up [ ha ha ] .... if you live in Florida !!!!
Have a lovely day !

Monday, January 3, 2011

dolls and stuff

Etsy is a mystery to me . The day after Christmas I listed a bunch of new dolls and they ALL sold ! I was stunned , and ....... very happy , ha ha .
I didn't think people bought stuff the day after Christmas
SO .... I made more dolls
Some of these are in my shop now. Some I will list this week .

How do you like the old wicker baby carriage ? It wasn't too much money , I had to buy it !
for the dolls you know.
and a few years ago I bought the house .... I found both at Stratford Antique Center [Connecticut ]
A certain NICE person gave me a gift certificate for this antique center , I can't wait to go back there !!! [ thank you nice person Lisa ]

well ... I just wanted to post a few photos and say hello and Happy New Year

to see more > visit my Etsy shop or Flickr

don't forget to enlarge the photo and then click again to see even closer

bye for now !