Wednesday, March 12, 2014

creepy clown art

 I have a story to tell you .... or ... actually ,,,,, really a question .... why are artists NUTS ???? why am I NUTS ???
Today .... I painted a clown face on MDF board { with acrylics and Inktense } ,[ which took me all day to paint ] ...... then I cut it out on my saw , took photos , put it on Etsy ..... the clown above is the clown I put on Etsy
So I looked at it all day , and decided I didn't like him
SO ...... after dinner , just now .... I took him off of Etsy , and then without even thinking ..... I grabbed him off the wall , and totally repainted him
this is the repainted clown .......

I like THIS one much more ...... He reminds me  of a guy in an old horror movie .... Carnival of Souls { movie STILL creeps me out } You have to see this movie , it's so good
anyway ... now I like THIS clown so much more that I don't want to sell him .... yet
this is why artists have no money . when people wonder what I do all the time { where is SHE ? , does she EVER go out ? }
yes dear neighbors and friends ... this is what I do
and I DO think I am nuts ... a very weird , very odd ..... old cat lady artist

Monday, March 3, 2014

Cat Art Dolls Sandy Mastroni

This cat with the stripe legs .... she is in my etsy shop

this large stripe cat in a vegetable print dress has sold ...... she is on her way to England

This black cat has sold .... she is on her way to England