Friday, December 30, 2011

new art dolls for Etsy

I've just listed eight new dolls .... in my shop now !

hope you had a wonderful Christmas ......let's follow the Lord ALL year long !
we watched a movie > Midnight in Paris . loved it .... we watched it twice
and of course we watched Scrooge [ Alastair Sim one favorite ]
I remember watching this movie every year when I was little , on The Million Dollar movie channel 9 ... they played it all day and night , and we watched it all day and night . I must have seen this movie a thousand times and I still love it

Have a very HAPPY New Year ..... I'll be back with a give away next year [ in January ]
love you all
and thank you ..... I always have to say THANK YOU for visiting me , for your friendship

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sale in my Etsy shop

My Easter - Christmas window
the African Violets are blooming in my beautiful rabbit
and see the Santa ? >>>> That is my only Christmas decoration
All the work that was done here , plus making dolls and things for Etsy has kept me too busy to even decorate
I hope everyone is happy ....decorating and baking , wrapping presents, singing Christmas carols and praising God for Jesus !
One more thing !
I have put MANY things on sale in my shop ....... clearing things out to make room for new art coming in January
so SALE in my shop !!!!
Have fun

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

my NEW window

They just left ... the new window is in ! ....... YAY . WHat a big job this was ... two and half days .
so, you ask ......
How long before you junk up the window ? My answer ...... not too long !

They finished at noon , as soon as they drove away I let the cats out , changed into my crappy clothes , made tea and a salami sandwich [ to celebrate ] and then ......... I put junk in the window .
The cats [ to my surprise ] are not interested , but I can always count on Jerry .
so here's the new window
I know it looks awful and HUGE ...... it's 18 inches deep
It needs paint and curtains [ and junk ]
But I am very happy the workers are gone , and happy with the window . it's good and solid , no more DRAFTS
I am alone again
ah ........... peace .

Monday, December 12, 2011

the old bay window

I took this photo early this morning before the guys got here . They're here right now , banging and making all kinds of noise . I'm hiding in my studio upstairs .... Baby Em is safe in the bedroom , Juliette , Buddy and Holly are down in the basement . I hate locking the cats up . It makes me feel so bad for them , it's a long day . I know they hate the noise too . I know I really am like a cat, I'm a cat lady .... I like a peaceful house . I hate disruptions , and even though my house is a mess .... I like things where they are , even if it's a pile of junk in a corner .
well ... they'll be here today AND tomorrow
In this photo you can see that foggy thing in the window .... I couldn't see out of any of my windows ! So now I have some new windows upstairs , I get up in the middle of the night to watch the clouds move past the moon ..... nice
thank you Lord ......
I'm so grateful ! we got a new gas furnace AND now new windows !!!!!!
after this is all done I have to paint , figure out curtains . put my junk back where it belongs , ha ha [ maybe I'll get rid of more junk ]
Have a wonderful day
and thank you ..... for visiting me !!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

cat doll for Etsy..........sold

Today I made a cat doll
we had lots of rain this week .... so ..... I don't have my new window yet .
Monday ..... Monday I get a NEW window !

have a great weekend
this cat is in my shop ........ [ JUST sold .... going to Australia ! Thank you Lynette ! ]

Monday, December 5, 2011

Garbage Day

Oh wow
I know it's been SO long since I blogged ..... everything is okay here
we are having our old crappy windows replaced , great timing ..... just in time for when I'm really busy with Christmas . But .... it HAS to be done . I haven't been able to see out my windows for YEARS . They had all that cloudy stuff in between the glass [ awful ]
and this week we will have our huge bay window replaced too . It's sort of hanging out of the house ... ha ha
so that's what's going on ..... cleaning my messes away from windows , locking up my four cats in different rooms and trying to work too [ I get so stressed when I CAN'T work ]
but I am VERY grateful that I can see out my windows .
The painting above is called Garbage day
it's in my shop