Friday, January 22, 2016

Greeting cards , Sandy Mastroni on etsy

a set of greeting cards .......... in my etsy shop !

a new cat heart pillow , sandy mastroni

I made another cat heart pillow .............. it took me forever , but I made it
I'm working so slowly , maybe because it's winter ... maybe because I don't have that " get it done for Christmas " feeling ........ but ........ the pillow is finished , and it is now in my etsy shop
" Fancy Cat " pillow ....... she has pearls on , lipstick mascara and a Honey West beauty mark

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cat heart pillow sandy mastroni

I keep looking at this , I made it a year or so ago ......
I think I would like to make another { similar }
but I'm in that " overwhelm place in my head " .  I could, should make greeting cards , I could make paper dolls , book marks , pillows ,cat dolls . puppet boys , mermaids ........ clean the house ,,,, Can't seem to focus
I have to JUST decide , just start something
It's 10:30 am .... I'm going to try to come back and have something new to post here { hopefully tonight }
Overwhelm ..... no focus ..... go away
Get curious interested , focused ..... start something !!!!
This is me talking to myself ...... I get so mad at myself ... do you do this too ?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

four new art dolls , sandy mastroni

four new dolls ...
all linen dresses , hand stitches ..... Sandy Mastroni
see individual photos of each doll below ... all dolls are posted , don't forget to click the photos to enlarge

art doll Diana ,,, sandy mastroni

THis is Diana { in a blue linen dress }

art doll Wilma ..... sold !....sandy mastroni

This is Wilma
* update .... Wilma has sold ****

Art doll Candace ....... { sold } sandy mastroni

This is Candace
* update ..... sold *

art doll Carlene ....... Carlene has sold , sandy mastroni

This is Carlene........*** update , Carlene has sold ***

Friday, January 8, 2016

Sweetheart art dolls , Sandy Mastroni

 this is Sweetheart Sally

 This is Sweetheart Sue

Sweetheart Sally and Sweetheart Sue