Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My polymer clay sculpted rabbit

Well .... we had snow !
so today I pulled out the polymer clay and I made this little rabbit .
I am going to make more sculpted things for my etsy shop .
I'm already thinking Valentine's Day and Easter

Have a WONDERFUL and HAPPY New Year !

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Heidi Shaulis art

A few years ago , I discovered paintings by Heidi Shaulis.
I had horribly slow, PAINFULLY slow Web TV , but I would sit and wait for her paintings to appear on my TV screen . It was worth the wait . I admire her work so much . then ... somehow she found me and it made me so happy that she wanted MY clock for HER studio
She has a beautiful studio that her husband built for her .
It's so much fun ... I love how we have all become friends through Etsy and our blogs .
Visit Heidi's blog and then make sure to visit her Etsy shop too !
Thank you Heidi !!! It's a pleasure to know you !

Friday, December 26, 2008

looking back

I'm looking back at the things I used to make ....
way back in the eighties and early nineties .
There's more below
take a trip with me down my memory lane

a little history , and plans for 2009

In 1980 ..... I discovered 'Sculpey'. It was a brand new product . I must have bought the first box !
It seems so long ago now .
I sculpted HUNDREDS , HUNDREDS of characters . all kinds of animals and people .
They were sold at shows, in many gift shops ,even in catalogs . There were two shops in Boston that sold my work in their shops and catalog. [ Bear Necessities and Hog Wild ]

Then a company took my work and had it reproduced in China, distributing all over the U.S.
But I was not happy with the reproduction of my work .[.... remember , that was back in the eighties] that was a disappointment .... and my fingers were getting tired .
so I picked up my paintbrush again. I'm so happy to have my paintings in impressive galleries and also have an Etsy shop.... I want to thank everyone who has bought my work and for all of your support and love.
SO >>>>> I am adding new work to my Etsy shop >>>>>>>>>> .......... and I am planning to pull out the polymer clay again. Here you can see two of my sculpted characters AND also a book box .
The rabbit and book box sold right away but I will be making more ! I'm also planning on doing more give aways in 2009 .
Thanks for looking. Thanks for visiting. Happy New Year everybody !

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I try to avoid looking forward or backward,
and try to keep looking upward .
{ charlotte bronte }

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Diane Hoeptner art

Do you ever wonder HOW
you found an artist's blog ?
I have NO idea ...
I don't remember.... HOW I found Diane .
I love her paintings of flowers
I have to say I went crazy over her paintings of old toys .
She makes me want to paint JERRY!
Pop over to her blog because she has a series of Pinocchios set up in a
'Brady Bunch ' style .
You'll enjoy seeing all of her paintings!
She's also a very very nice person .

Friday, December 12, 2008

blog give away winners

Alice in Paris
Abby Creek Art
Diane Hoeptner

Please winners send me your addresses
My email is on my blog profile page .

Jerry's shoes

Last night I said to Jerry :
'Jerry , you need SHOES ! '
and as soon as I said it ,
I remembered.... somewhere... in my house .... someplace
my very first pair of baby shoes!

I found them !
They fit him perfectly

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bookmark Give away

I had taken a few days off to clean !
But I couldn't stand much more cleaning .....
so today I made cat bookmarks .
I'm in the mood for another give away .
Please leave a comment .
If you don't have a google account , email me and I will include your name .
I'll ask Jerry to pick THREE names in a few days .
Please tell your friends ... I would love to have more people come and visit my blog !

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jerry loves the snow

I wonder what my neighbors think of me .
the crazy cat lady artist who brings her little
boy out to play in the snow .
I don't care . Jerry and I had fun .
We had our first snow last night .
It was beautiful at 3 a.m.
perfect beauty , perfect stillness .

when it snows like this ......
all I can think is .....
Be still , and know that I am God .

I feel God in this peace and still beauty .

Michael tried to make a snowman but ...
it's too cold . too much work .
snow was too soft .

Happy Sunday !

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Etsy shop sale

I just spent almost two hours marking EVERYTHING down in my Etsy shop .
I really want to redo the whole shop , which I plan to do in January .
These two drawings here are just two I found in my
" drawings drawer "
I have little drawings EVERYWHERE .
Have a happy Tuesday !