Monday, July 5, 2010

Bunny Clouds painting

......................... Happy Independence Day [ a day late ]
but we let's remember and be grateful all year long .
I hope you all had a good day !
I stayed home and made Halloween things and painted this painting.
It's in my shop !
Does anyone have a better title ?
I was thinking
" look behind you dopey "


Janine said...

This so wonderful...what an imagination! It shows you still have that little girl in you to even come up with this idea! I still think you need to write a children,s or rather even draw a children's book!

Unknown said...

My titles tend to be only word...I was thinking "Leap" when I looked at your bunny. I always love your faces in your paintings..


Priti Lisa said...

Dopey! Ha ha...
You always crack me up, Sandy :D
Of course, we can only imagine what she IS looking at.

canngil said...

She has a sweet come-hither look I think! I took your advice and got some really pretty colored paint samples from home depot. Great idea! I found a color I loved and had enough of it to paint a table for my patio a beautiful turquoise!

Lydia said...

Good to see you so artful! Love your work always!:)

Linda O'Neill said...

How about "Dreaming of Hip Hop". I know...pretty bad, right?! HA! Love this painting, Sandy...and the look on the girl's face.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thanks every body !