Sunday, May 24, 2015

Art doll , a new one for Etsy {{ SOLD }}, Sandy Mastroni

A new art doll in my Etsy shop
Her name is Clara
*** update ** ........ Clara just sold , she will be on her way to England soon . This doll was a lot of work but I really like her so the plan is ... to make another somewhat similar
thank you Cheryl for buying her

Monday, May 18, 2015

My cat Buddy { in my studio }

I cleared up the mess on my table so I could get to work and make a new mess , I turned around , came back and there ..... was .... Buddy !

" Buddy , I have to get to work . Could you find another place to sit ? Go look out the window , go bother your sister { Holly } "

 No ..... this is good , I'll just stay here

This is a good spot

" Well , I have to move you , I will put you in my bed , make a tent for you , a nice spot to take a nap "

and then .... that sad sad face

This is Buddy . He's with me ALL the time .  Some cats are the best , most lovable , sweetest cats ..... Buddy is one of the best { ever }
If you ever thought about getting a cat ............ get a cat ...... now . today .... ha ha