Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

three little kittens . three art doll cats ...... by Sandy Mastoni

 This is Christine .... I made a fabric flower for her { with a pearl in the middle } , and she has a necklace too 

This is Linda Lou ....... I made a fabric flower for her too , her dress is linen , lace collar with an old button.

and this is Beatrice ..... painted in off white , old lace at her hemline , with a fabric flower { pearl in center } , lace and old pearl button collar
don't forget to click photos to see larger image

Thursday, March 19, 2015

new cat art doll { a fabric sculpture } sandy mastroni etsy

Here is the start of a new cat doll ...... it never looks very good in the beginning , I admit that I don't have to spend a ton of money on " supplies " , it's the TIME , it is labor intensive . This is just a strong cotton fabric { a curtain panel } and of course the stuffing ... I use a dense cotton stuffing { like they used to use to stuff sofas } Upholstery stuffing , and clean rags  { cut up soft blankets }
her head , the legs and tail have been stuffed separately and sewn into the body by hand

 then I paint her all black

black acrylic paint

a little sanding ..... then I dry brush white acrylic paint

a little color

 start the face
and then I put a coat of polyurethane on , let it dry well  and I love adding the antique finish , I brush on " Folk Art " antique medium . letting it get in the crevices .  Rub it off

and .... here is Cecilia . She is in my Etsy shop .

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

art in progress ...... Mister Rodrigo ..... by sandy mastroni

what am I doing ...... I have no idea

maybe this will be good

after stuffing and sewing all the pieces into the body , I paint it all black , and I want to throw it out , just throw it in the garbage can and start a new doll ,,,,,, but ,,,,, I keep going

 I still don't know .... but I keep going

 and then ....... maybe ..... maybe this could be good


liking him more now , so I keep painting him , and so I put a coat of polyurethane on him , then an antique finish that I rub on and wipe away { I use Folk Art medium }

and Mister Rodrigo is done ......... on my wall , hoping to find a new home

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

three art dolls , and a story about my oven

This is Claudia Anne .... she has a blue fringe trim at the hemline

This is Cookie ..... with her stripes and polka dots

This is Claudia , I put a gauze fabric at the hemline

I made these three ...... for my friend in England to look at , for her to decide if she wants any of these dolls .

OH .... I've had so much going on here , house stuff !!!!  problems , but they did all work out okay .
One night last week I turned on my oven , walked away , and when I came back , it was beeping like crazy , I could not shut the oven off , and the stove was SO SO HOT . It freaked me out , scary ..... so my husband shut the circuit breaker off , we put fans in the windows and the oven cooled down . well ..... so.... we needed to get a new range , since this one was 17 years old . and all the other appliances were 17 years old too ,  we went and bought a new washer , dryer , refrigerator and a GAS range { I've always had electric }
but the problem was the driveway and walkways were solid ice  { under the snow } ..... so we spent a day chopping ice and shoveling .
the other problem was clearing a path in the basement , { I have SO much stuff } , clean out the frig , clean and move stuff in the kitchen so they could get the new stuff in , we have a small cape cod house , so things are tight
I'm getting used to the gas stove .... I wanted it because I've also been getting into using a cast iron skillet ! {{{ I like it }}}}
I made THE best  eggs that night . I've been cooking for over 40 years and I never could make eggs , so I made my husband very happy finally !!!!!!
When we went to the small appliance store { not a big place like Home Depot } .... when we walked in , the first thing I saw was a beautiful AQUA range . I WANT THAT ONE , I said ..... but then I realized it was just for display , a beautiful old aqua range from the Fifties ....... oh ...... so ...... just get the basic boring , VERY basic nothing fancy appliances . just plain white , so boring ..... but even though ........ I'm grateful , they are clean and new , so that's good
anyway this real life stuff exhausts me .... I haven't been working and that makes me NUTS ,
Hoping to post more on this blog , I love Pinterest , I don't like Facebook , I don't know what good Flickr does me ........
but I just want to thank you for visiting and I hope you will come back again !!!

Friday, March 6, 2015

how I make my Rat art doll ........ sandy mastroni {{{ SOLD }}}

 this is how it starts .  I use any fabric { usually cotton } as long as it's good and sturdy fabric . This is material from a curtain panel .  I draw the shapes , sew it up .

Sewing all the pieces together takes time .... the legs , arms ,ears and tail are cut separately , stuffed , and each piece is hand sewn into the body . Stuffing is so important .... time consuming , because I pack in the stuffing , pack it in hard , shaping things as I go . Then I paint the whole piece solid black . get it dry { I have no patience , I use a hair dryer }
Looks awful at this stage , doesn't it ? !!!!

 Then I dry brush white paint on , letting some black show through , letting black sit in all the crevices .
Then I paint colors on her . soft pink for her shirt , a blue for her skirt
I then apply a generous coat of polyurethane varnish all over the doll ..... let it dry , making sure it is very dry before I continue.
finally ...... I brush on Folk art medium , which is a dark brown antiquing gel ..... wipe some away with a soft cloth, leaving some brown in the crevices , adding any more details ....... like polka dots and stripes , dry brush red onto cheeks and nose ....... derwent Inktense pencils used around the eyes .  I might add a few more whiskers , black threads stitched through and secured . On the back .... I usually put a button with some wire for hanging . Sign my name on the back

ALL DONE ......... I'll be putting this rat doll in my etsy shop soon , Her name is Greta
**** she's in my shop now ! **** {{{{ sold }}}}}
also > was this interesting to see ?  If you think it was , please let me know . I've been neglecting my blog , not sure who still looks at blogs , seems like Pinterest and facebook have taken over the blogs !

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Monster art doll ... and baby monster by sandy mastroni

Monster Molly and her Baby Bella ............ Molly has a zipper mouth , Baby Bella fits into her dress pocket
she's in my etsy shop !