Sunday, December 12, 2010

three winners

winners of giveaway

Denise [ nanabeast ] ..... Diane Hoeptner ..... and Lydia Aleshin

Thanks you SO SO SO SO much . I always say the same stuff but ... here I go again .....
Your comments make me smile and laugh and see things in a new way
Thank you
Merry Christmas .........

scroll down to see David and Bing sing

David Bowie & Bing Crosby - Little Drummer Boy (Video, TOTP)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

giveaway snowman heart .... and my happy news

so .... this morning I went in my backyard and cut some branches . I love trees, tree limbs , twigs , branches ....... ah ....... they are beautiful.

I stuck them in a jar that I painted . I covered this glass jar with brown paper [ mod podge ] , and then I painted a weird lady on each side .

I made two new dolls . SOON to be in my Etsy shop , but email if you want one .

AND > on these tree branches I hung three of my handmade , hand painted snowman hearts .
soon to be in my shop .

These snowmen are going to be in the Better Homes and Gardens 2011 Christmas magazine .
a long time away ..... but they want the snowmen hearts and the how to directions NOW
so I've been working on this

I would like to give someone a snowman heart .
Please leave your name , and I love your comments too !

What do you think of my crazy window ? On the side I stuck vintage curtain tie back things , and vintage bureau scarves and doilies and rhinestone pins

I have other news but I'll wait ... there's too much I wrote here already

Don't forget > enlarge the photos and click again so you can see real close up , so you can see the dust and how I never seem to get to cleaning my house

leave your name > Jerry and I will do a drawing soon , I don't know when ...... I'll check with him later . He's out somewhere . I don't know where he is

Thanks for visiting
and Merry Christmas !

Thursday, December 2, 2010

paint and .... eat

do you know what kills me ? ..... about me I mean .......... all I want to do is paint and eat
sleep a little , then paint and eat
I have all this great news to share . GOOD stuff . Stuff I should be posting.... not to brag , but to share my news and to promote my work , but I don't feel like it
Isn't that crazy
well .......... anyway ............. I painted this lady , cut her out on my scroll saw
I walked around the house propping her up everywhere
In my kitchen ... on the ledge ..... next to another painting I did a few years ago
that lady is called " Do you Believe in Magic " . She has a guy in her hat juggling
and then on my dining room window sill

I will tell you my good news soon ..... when I'm in the mood , ha ha
right now I'm thirsty and tired . Time to sleep soon
I have the radio on OLD time radio ....... I love it ...... OLD radio shows from so many years ago

good night everyone

this mysterious lady is in my Etsy shop........ [ sold ]