Monday, February 28, 2011

six new art dolls

Oh I've been busy ....which is good !...... still no relaxing, still not reading .
here are six dolls
Mixie Pixie gets first choice .... she's been waiting !!!!

update on wednesday morning [ march 2 ] ......... # 3 , # 4 and #5 have sold
Randi asked for # 3 ..... I will try to make another similar Randi , and you can decide if you like her
#6 is in my Etsy shop

Friday, February 25, 2011

new art doll , bunny baby

I made a girl bunny doll yesterday and I just finished a boy bunny doll [ no photo yet ]
I will try to get these two new dolls in my shop by this weekend
It's been so long since I blogged ! I don't think I've ever gone this long without writing .
I'm still mad ..... frustrated too
I always think my middle name should be Overwhelm . Sandy Overwhelm Mastroni
but maybe I should add 'greedy' ?
There's SO much I want to do ..... I want to READ [ like I used to do ] .... I want to paint more involved paintings [ like I used to do ]
I want to make cool curtains ..... paint a wall , clean the house

But I really miss reading the most
and the days fly by .
I PLAN to do a give away soon .... so please come back again . Not sure when I will do this , but SOON
I miss you . OH > and I've been having a problem keeping up on everyone's blogs , because my computer is slow to load a blog . Why is this happening ? I have to keep hitting refresh and it still doesn't load , so I get mad and just leave . does this happen to you ? I have an APPLE which I still LOVE , it's only slow with loading up blogs .
This Saturday there is book sale two streets over from me . Like I need more books .
but I'm always looking for that book that makes my heart beat fast , maybe another classic
or one to rip pages out to draw on .
well ... it's late
have a happy Friday ! and a good weekend !

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

illustrated game on Etsy

today I was looking through my PILES of drawings [ under the bed ].... { in drawers ]
anyway > I found this illustration I did a while back . I drew the lady on mat board and then made different hair styles for her . They attach with velcro
At the time I drew it , well , I thought .... it's okay . But then today I thought > this is sort of funny
so ........ I put it in my Etsy shop
I want to do more things like this . I'm going to do different HATS next !!!!
the first hat I make will be the magic eight ball hat .... ha ha
the next hat will be a hat full of circus jugglers
and the NEXT will be ..... I don't know yet
any ideas ?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Granny's Visitors, original acrylic in my NEW shop

Click to enlarge !
This painting is going in my NEW shop > TheBlackBirdGallery

don't even ask me where this idea came from ... I have no idea .... ha ha ha
I usually just start painting and whatever happens , happens.
I think these visitors are friendly .... Granny seems to think so .
Would you like to know how I painted this ? ......... I painted a piece of mdf board BLACK .
then I build up from there , layers and layers of colors . A glaze technique. I put a color down and then a coat of varnish . It takes a long time , but it's fun .
have a happy Sunday !

Saturday night art doll

I hear it raining outside and some chunks of ice are falling off the roof ... but the driveway and front of the house .... still ice
here's a doll that's in my shop ...... she's sort of weird ? ..... but she is very nice .

Saturday, February 5, 2011

for Etsy , art doll rabbit...... JUST SOLD

well .... I decided to vacuum this morning and I was going along , almost enjoying it but then the vacuum sucked up something and I smelled that horrible smell .... another fan belt ruined .
are they called fan belts ? or is that just for a car . anyway .... I had to stop vacuuming and what could I do but make a doll [ oh sh.........sugar ! ] and nuts
this little rabbit doll is now in my etsy shop

I put a few things on sale in my new shop [ theblackbirdgallery ]... to celebrate

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Well Respected Man in my NEW etsy shop

click to enlarge > to see it BIG

well , first of all I want to thank you for ALL the funny comments in my last post . I FINALLY got to the post office today . It was a sheet of ice to the car , the roads are fine.... it's our house and driveway [ thick with ice ]
There's NO sun , ever , no sun at the front of our house .
The other day I bought a NEW MR. SHOVEL !!!!! and lots of ice melt

I have new NEWS ...... I opened up another Etsy shop . This new shop will have my paintings and illustrations . The other shop will have my dolls and pillows and the wood cut outs .
Do you think it's a good idea to have TWO shops ?
PLEASE visit me there > it's weird and lonely to have a brand new shop with not many looks or hearts
The shop is called ..... The Blackbird Gallery

so this guy > one of my 2 a.m. drawings . As I was drawing him the old KINKS song kept going through my head
A well respected man
I don't know if it even fits him .... but that was what I was singing

I hope everyone is doing fine with all the snow and ice . make soup !!!!!
Bye for now !!!!!