Thursday, March 11, 2010

cat art doll on wood... sold ...but I will make another ... soon

still making wood cut outs .
I wonder when I will get back into fabric .... pillows and dolls .
This cat is in my shop with 'another' wood cut out ......a new/old rabbit on wood ...[ which I painted in the EIGHTIES when I was the Folk art queen ]
I feel so old
happy but old


Cotton Picker said...

This kitty is so sweet.

Smushie Ranch said...

Oh sure Sandy. You can make it look cute, but we all know it's an alien... nice try lady.


Ronnie said...

What the heck with the alien comment. Ha! That was funny.
This is a cutey. She would look nice as a clock too. Now I'm your adviser.
SANDY, I love my Lucky Linda cutout and I want everyone to know!
She arrived today and she still looks surprised. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Cindi Myers said...

I think that little kitty is adorable...even if it is an alien.

Ronnie said...

What a nice quirky group gathers at Sandy's. Anybody for tea?

Sandy Mastroni said...

ha ha ha
oh my ...what's going on here
it's all Stella's fault

Smushie Ranch said...

Hey! I'm just looking out for your best interest Sandy.

Ronnie, I like Tea. As long as it's sweet tea. Southern' style. Although, if it's ladies night out I might indulge in a Long Island. But then Gunther and Betty will need to come pick me up in the Mail Truck we commandeered.


Ronnie said...

On second thought, I think we'll need something stronger than tea to stay up as late as Sandy!
I just threw my mighty budgies into a mail truck with a pack of PUGS!