Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3 a.m. Tuesday morning .... vintage Tuesday.... click to enalrge

Click to enlarge !

This little baby head is on my window shelf ,
and while I wash dishes .... she reminds me to praise the Lord and be grateful for His grace and mercy
I bought her from wonderful Regina of
regina's studio on Etsy

I bought two more baby heads from Regina and they should be here this week .... I am SO excited ... I LOVE baby doll heads !

I am also grateful for the WONDERFUL people I have met through this blog ..... today Dixie made my new banner . She sent it to me with my name there ...SO ..now
you can READ MY NAME ,,,, ha ha
I didn't know how to do this ...
Thank you SO much Dixie


Ronnie said...

I hope you slept well, Sandy. You remembered another Vintage Tuesday! I'm finding myself looking forward to them.
Very sweet doll head. It's interesting how a special (to us) material thing can bring us peace.
I loved Regina's "bird in the forest fire story".

Sandy Mastroni said...


I forgot about the bird story
I hope anyone who visits her Etsy shop will read the story in her announcement

thank you Ronnie !

Priti Lisa said...

Hi Sandy...I was at a Antique mall and I saw these vintage...nevermind
I'm going back today...you need a gift, I think

Anonymous said...
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Cindi Myers said...

I just got "Ella's Elephant" in the mail! I am swooning with happiness!!! I love and adore her! Thank you! You are such an amazing artist! XOXOX - Cindi

Cindi Myers said...

I'm so happy for you about the baby heads.......but they kinda scare me, especially in the dark. I'm afraid they would "wink" at me!

Theresa said...

The new banner is great!!!!! Plus I love your doll head....is she from the 1950's ???

Cathy said...

Cute little baby head Sandy. I love the cut wood dolls with your lovely painted faces on them and the sock monkey cut out is so funny. Hope you are having a great week.

Anonymous said...

love that baby birds story on Regina's etsy storefront. very moving.

big hug, Deborah

jerilanders said...

Sandy, Love,love,love your style!I could enjoy having one of your little folk joining me in my studio. I'm going to keep my eye on your etsy for just the right one,the faces are great! Jeri
PS,Thanks for joining my "Gazette"

Lydia said...

I have this old doll baby- Her cloth body has been replaced. Her eyes are foggy. Would you like her? You can paint over her eyes.

I would like to send her to you, if you would like. She's a composition head. I had gotten her at a thrift store last year. I believe that she has composition arms, as well.

xo Lydia

suze said...

I love vintage day. The doll head looks cute and creepy at the same time. Why do these dolls scare us?
I think you should create a whole line of Sandy greeting cards!
I like the new banner,too.

sMacThoughts said...

You KNOW I had to come look at the doll heads! They are lovely.... will have to check out her shop!