Wednesday, March 3, 2010

cut out wood art dolls

well ......
so far .... I have made
"Ella's elephant"
Lucky Linda
and Isabella " .... cut out wood art dolls to hang on your wall
in my shop

Oh wow ....
would I LOVE to hear any names or suggestions from YOU for more art dolls in this style
oh I would love that


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Clarissa's cat, Pig and Clarinda, Arabella, Elyssa and Elmer... oh dear. I'll be naming art dolls all day, now.

These are wonderful. I think I especially love them standing around in a clutch like this!

Cindi Myers said...

Oh my goodness! I'll be back! Gotta go to your shop first!

Cindi Myers said...

WAHOO!!!!! I got HER!
Little Ella and her elephant!
(I LOVE elephants!!!)
I'm SO Happy!

Ronnie said...

These are so cute, Sandy. They remind me of nursery rhyme cutouts for kid's room back in the 50's. You know, way back when I wasn't born.
How BIG can you make a Lucky Linda cutout?
I love her.


Sandy Mastroni said...

I just made a cut out girl holding a SOCK MONKEY ....
I need a name !

she's the 'odd girl ' the one that I used to make for a clock

Cindi Myers said...

How about Marlyss and her Monkey?

Anonymous said...

Rosie Rosella - something with a pink rosey dress!

ciao bella

carmelina ballerina! there's one for you! lol

Theresa said...

Sandy all of these dolls are amazing...but ella and her elephant are the sweetest. I can see a series of these dolls being made...each holding a different animal... like a cat, bird, dog, bunny, etc.... you get the idea.

Have fun with it!! :0)

sMacThoughts said...

Sandy, no idea how I keep missing your updates... I follow your blog and feel I haven't 'seen' you in so long! :P These are all so lovely-sandy-great!