Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm SO confused

I have all these drawings.... in drawers, in suitcases , in boxes under the bed , in the kitchen , in piles ..... everywhere .
and I can't decide sometimes
Should I make this one into a wood cut out for the wall ?
should I sell it as a print ?
as a greeting card ?
as a pillow ?
I overwhelm myself
My head hurts
over thirty years of drawings ....everywhere
my poor husband .
what should I do ?

it's 3 a.m. by the way
and I know you are not here on my blog now.
You are SO lucky that I don't have your phone number


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Hah! I'm up!

Don't forget to archive those wonderful drawings so they are preserved! I don't have any answers for you, Sandy, but I do know the feeling of being overwhelmed by paper and "things!"

Most of the the stuff I have stuck in corners and under beds is junk and should just be thrown away. Your "stuffings" constitute a gold mine so I do NOT recommend that solution! Good luck. The answer will come to you.

Just think of the problems we could solve if we got enough sleep!!

Mary Bullock said...

Do you want my phone number?

Sandy Mastroni said...

ah ... thanks for listening to me whine

Priti Lisa said...

Real art never goes out of style...
and anything you make, people are just waiting to own...
You are an ART STAR!

Tumbleweed Trails said...

3 a.m. you poor girl! your poor husbnad! your poor cats! lol Couldn't you think of anyone to call to ponder along with you? anyone who wouldn't turn you in as a prank caller? Anyhoo, I choose D: all of the above. You can never go wrong with all of the above. I do think this would make great greeting cards though. I am new to your blog as I just found it only moments ago. How fun it will be to follow along. Love your artwork.

Smushie Ranch said...

Hmmm, we thoughts our mom was bad. One of her collections is lamp shades... not to easy to put in a drawer.

Well, let me help you make this easy. First off, you can ditch the cat (alien) pictures. We all know that's propaganda left here when the head cat (alien) left planet earth. Hopefully that'll help thin out the collection.

Lookin' out for ya,

Cindi Myers said...

I would suggest a wood cutout because it would look SO Cute in a nursery AND prints! That way we can all have one!

(stop it Stella! I LOVE aliens...I mean cats!)

Ronnie said...


Susan Hopkirk Artworks said...


You have been blessed with a gift the rest of us selfishly get to enjoy while you happen to struggle with what to do with it all.

Well, I know what I would do in this kind of situation - head for the Cape! Get in your car and go!
And when you get there - open your eyes, look around, relax, and...breathe. And if you still find yourself in a conundrum - go have yourself a nice cold beer and a big plate of Wellfleet oysters! Wow,epiphany of not, maybe I'll start packing and meet you there my friend!

The Cape happens to be my answer to everything...if only it were that easy.

Write me and let me know how you're doing and for god's sake woman get some sleep!



thebabykitties said...

SOOO cute!

Dixie Redmond said...

OH MY GOSH. You crack me up so much. :-) Why not put that on all of them - yes on the woodcutout and yes on the cards.

Sharon said...

Love this baby and his dog, could anyone not smile when they look at this!!! too funny too cute, love it!

I think fairbluemoon had a wonderful idea for you Sandy, that would be my kind of solution, hahaha ...


canngil said...

cutouts absolutely!!! here i am saving up for the monkey, and you come up with another one i want so bad!!!! word verification is ammutant

Theresa said...

I think all the things you thought of would be great. I agree with ucanngil.... you make to many wonderful things and it's sooooo hard to just pick one... LOL. :)