Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lady Lamp , vintage Tuesday

A few years ago I bought this lady lamp at Stratford Antique Center .
Does anyone know anything about this lamp ?
She is dressed in this weird hard bubbly plastic .
[ click to enlarge ]
I'm guessing that she is from the sixties ?


Priti Lisa said...

Beats me...I don't even remember having electricity in the 60's...
I think we must have been very poor :)
I love your new rose lady, something so soft and spring-like.
The sun is melting the gray snow today YAY!
XO, Lisa

Cathy said...

Hi Sandy. She does look a bit 60s. They liked a lot of plastic back then. She is very pretty with the light on though. I have put your name down on my blog for the Sunshine Award. If you want to collect it pop along but don't worry if you would rather not. I know there are quite a few bloggers who are not into awards.

Ronnie said...

You remembered.

suze said...

I remember using little plastic beads like those and we would melt them in the oven....in the sixties.