Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winter Time clock girl.....sold

My husband just left the house , all bundled up in a hat and thermal underwear . He's cold .
I couldn't wait for him to leave . As soon as he left ... I opened all the windows and turned the fans on .
I'm hot .
Oh today is beautiful ... with cool clean crisp air .
He wants to move to South Carolina . I want to move to Maine .
I just have to remember to close the windows before he gets back .
anyway ..... I am home working . happy .
This is a new clock I just put on Etsy .
If you want to see the rest of her ... please visit my Etsy shop .
Have a wonderful cool crisp November day


bo betsy said...

love the clock, sandy! she's great.
i'm laughing about the waiting for your husband to leave thing... the house was 80 degrees yesterday -- darin loves to keep the fire stoked up. i had the windows open when he left the house, too!

NanaBeast said...

Laughing...chuckling....giggling,,,trying to get my breath! It has been Hot Flash Mama and the Frost King at our house lately, too.

Love the thread in the buttons on Clock Girl. The Pink rose Heart Clock is great, too. Feedback composing in my head, will be posted soon, I promise!


Archie and Melissa said...

LOL! Sandy, you are so great!
Your clock is wonderful!

suze said...

Same here...he is always cold and I am always HOT! I would also love to move to Maine. I spent many summers there growing up.

Sandy Mastroni said...

wow ... I thought it was just me !

thanks !!!!