Monday, November 17, 2008

Kim Meuse watercolors

I bet you are wondering .... WHAT is THIS doing on Sandy's blog !
well it is something beautiful in the midst of my silly paintings
I have an artist friend . She lives only a few blocks away but we never see each other
because .... artists are nuts
I personally live like a mole . staying up to 3 and 4 a.m. painting
I think Kim is like me
She loves to paint . She loves to go into her magical world of watercolors .
She is so skilled in this medium and each painting she does is a work of beauty .
I am in awe of her work
Please take some time and visit her blog to see her work and MAKE SURE you enlarge this photo so you can see her work in detail .


Archie and Melissa said...

hi sandy!
oh her work is gorgeous. i just visited her blog and said hello. :)
thank you for sharing her link and i just ordered my inktense pencils. i am so excited to get them. thank you for telling me about them!

Kimberly said...

Wow - Thanks, Sandy for showcasing my work in such a delightful way! [I'm blushing!]

Sometimes I feel so isolated in my work, but this is such a nice community - what took me so long to find an outlet like this, anyway? And to think it started over apples in the supermarket!!!

Thanks for showing my work on your amazing blog--I still think about your shop sales in the wonderland you transformed your garage into and displayed your work. Everyone here knows how magical your artwork is - to see it in person is a whole other experience!

suze said...

Her work just blows me away!Thanks for sharing.
You can get that magazine we chatted about at Borders or Barnes and Noble. It's a Sommerset magazine.

Theresa said...

Sandy thanks for posting Kim's blog on yours... her work is so real looking. She is an amazing water color artist... when I looked at her other posts I thought they were photos at first... but know they were her water colors. WOW!!!



Sandy Mastroni said...

Thanks everyone for taking a look at Kim's paintings
thank you Kim
and you are welcome !!!!!
I was thrilled to put your painting here

Susan said...

Sandy, her work is wonderful. I was confused at first, I thought it was a photo.

It's funny, isn't it, how mole people are so artistic. We must make ourselves go out sometimes. Take care and have a great day!

Hugs, Susan

bo betsy said...

gorgeous work! amazingly REAL... must take forever! can i come to your garage sometime, sandy?