Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Derwent Inktense aceo day


Anonymous said...

Yeah! More cupcakes! Yummy!


Sandy Mastroni said...

If you put anything with a cupcake on etsy ..... you get about 20 hits right away
what is it with cupcakes
I want the WHOLE cake

Anonymous said...



bo betsy said...

(i'm laughing -loudly- over your comment above, sandy!)

love the newest little drawings! i think my favorite might be the girl with the balloon... oh, i do love the bunny, too... and...

Little Blue Violet said...

Sandy these are fantastic and your snowmen are making me swoon !!!!
Regarding our newly elected....my heart is broken. With new 4D sonograms how can people authorize the slaughter of innocence for a measly $500.00 rebate. Humanity never ceases to disappoint me. Continue to pray and give voice to the unborn.

Unknown said...

Oooo...I liiiike. A LOT.

All four are so good.

My favorites are the bunny (love them almost as much as cats!) and the Girl with a Book. Your animals have such palpable character!

About a whole cake: it is one BIG cupcake! :) he he

La Fiancée disparue said...

Oh... so lovely ♥