Sunday, November 2, 2008

have a piece of fruit...... sold

I love drawing this lady . I've drawn her with her strange little boy . I've drawn her in front of her house . Tonight I drew her holding a pear.
This was painted on an embroidered hankie
Don't forget to enlarge the picture by clicking on her .
I wonder if anyone remembers this song ?
when I was a little kid ... I listened to records all the time
Rosemary Clooney , Art Carney ,and lots of classical music.
I've never forgotten this song .but I don't remember who sang it .
It was a lady singing with an Italian accent.
It cracked me up as a kid ...
still does

and after I finished this .... I looked at the lady and thought... this LADY has a pear body ... a pear with some bruises !!!!! She must have had a fight BEFORE the piece of fruit


NanaBeast said...

The only Rosemary Clooney, Art Carney and Gene Autry record I had as a kid (remember, I was born in 1960) was an Easter one.

To this day I and my kids, and now my grandkids, all know Eggbert the Easter Egg, Peter Cottontail, The Funny Little Bunny with the Powderpuff tail, My Choc'late Rabbit, Thump, a Twinkle, and a Twitch/Or How to Make a Rabbit and the Gene Autry's Bunny Round-Up Time and all the others by heart.

I am dying to know which ones YOU listened to as a kid. It was a great era for kid records wasn't it?

Sandy Mastroni said...

my all time favorite is
" Where did the chickie lay the eggie "
bu Art Carney
I still remember every verse

and I do remember
a Thump , a Twinkle and a Twitch

I HAVE most of those 45 's
I can still play them

Sandy Mastroni said...

I just listened to Art Carney on YouTube
' Twas the Night before Christmas '


you have to listen ... it's the best .

bo betsy said...

well, i don't know the song (i listened to everly brothers and peter paul and mary when i was little... my mom's lps on my little record player in my room) - but i do love the woman and the pear! and i love this embroidered doily, too... what a great idea to combine them. have a piece of fruit. you crack me up.

Archie and Melissa said...

i just love this! playful and funny.
you are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Love it!