Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm back to my Etsy shop watercolor AND INKTENSE aceos

I decided to paint a few aceos today , here are the four watercolor paintings that I JUST finished . I will be putting these in my Etsy shop later tonight >>>> and YES ..... I used inktense pencils too [ on Bainbridge illustration board cold press ]
scroll down ... enlarge if you want a closer look !

and .... my tip for the day >>>>>

If you are in your house ...... and you are cold , [ if your feet are cold ] ....
wear a scarf . a scarf around your neck warms your little tootsies

Have a nice ' thinking of snow ' day.


La Fiancée disparue said...

Your stuff is wonderful! As always...


p.s. good tip! I wear a hat when I'm a little chilly

NanaBeast said...

These are SO wonderful!

REALLY, all four are great. I LIKE this direction you're going in...snow is a favorite of mine, whether it is curly or pointy dots! (No soggy wet slush though, thank you VERY much!) I just wish it would do it here more often...I think.

Truthfully, I love all your Christmas, Winter, Angel themed stuff. I am really looking forward to what your muse comes up with next!

Blessings and more blessings, dear one.

bo betsy said...

really? a scarf warms up your feet? i'll give it a try... my favorite foot warming trick: these wonderful slippers i have that have a microwavable spice pack that slips in... warm, spicy feet! lovely. and then there's the mattress warmer... but don't get me started!

love the new things!!! can't believe how quickly christmas is coming!


suze said...

Thanks for the tip. Usually if my feet are cold then all of me is chilly. But I am usually HOT!

tangled sky studio said...

i've been wearing a scarf in the house lately...sage advice as usual! (sweet work too...)