Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cat bridge

I found this drawing of mine in one of my many
" Drawings drawers "
[ that's hard to say ! ]

When I saw this I thought :
wow , a cat can be a bridge between two people .
We have four cats
no kids
we love our cats
thank God for them
they fill our home with love ....
even when we argue about whose turn it is to clean up the cat puke .


Archie and Melissa said...

hi sandy!
i love this drawing and how you found it again. :) i wish i could see your drawing drawers. your home is a very special place. :)

Susan said...

This is great drawing. Yikes, it never occurred to me to analyze my art. I wonder and wonder about what I dream, but never my drawings. You always make me think. Perhaps I will swoop down from my happiness tree and look more deeply at some of them. Hmmm...maybe not. Wow, isn't it great to have choices?

Kimberly said...

Sandy, I love how your sense of humor comes out in your drawings! It's why your artwork is so charming! By the way, my husband thinks your work is amazing - and he is not one to comment on art too often, so consider it a major compliment!

sMacThoughts said...

What a great concept and true, too. Love your style so whimsical and 'yours'. :)

bo betsy said...

love this, sandy! i can see it is good therapy to go through your old drawings!

Ronna said...

Love it. Wish my 5 cats could meet yours. Now that would be bedlam, eh?

Theresa said...

This drawing is wonderful.... and really your right... cat's are bridges. Our little four legged furry is like our kid... we talk to him and talk about him. Our lives would be so empty with out him.



Tracy Nuskey Dodson said...

Lol, it's ALWAYS my turn to clean up the cat puke...I figure it's better than the cat BOX! I think cats make wonderful kids:)
Love the drawing from the drawing drawer:)
Happy Thanksgiving Sandy!

Cathy said...

This is my favourite this week. Lovely gentle, humourous image. We have two cats and they are treated like honoured members of the family, which they are of course.

Archie and Melissa said...

happy thanksgiving sandy!
have a wonderful day!
melissa and emmitt