Friday, December 30, 2011

new art dolls for Etsy

I've just listed eight new dolls .... in my shop now !

hope you had a wonderful Christmas ......let's follow the Lord ALL year long !
we watched a movie > Midnight in Paris . loved it .... we watched it twice
and of course we watched Scrooge [ Alastair Sim one favorite ]
I remember watching this movie every year when I was little , on The Million Dollar movie channel 9 ... they played it all day and night , and we watched it all day and night . I must have seen this movie a thousand times and I still love it

Have a very HAPPY New Year ..... I'll be back with a give away next year [ in January ]
love you all
and thank you ..... I always have to say THANK YOU for visiting me , for your friendship


Susan said...

Happy New year! We watched Christmas Evil and plan on watching New Year's Evil. Not your usual holiday fare, but I do humor the hubby. Have a great rest of the year. Take care and stay creative.

Cindi Myers said...

Yeah, I had a good Christmas.
Spent with my sister and her family. We had made from scratch Chinese. It was a very relaxing and comfortable day. We watch "A Christmas Story" over and over and my brother-in-law jumps out of his chair as he recites lines from it and then laughs and laughs. We all just look at one another and shake our heads.
I gotta say, I'm REALLY looking forward to the New Year. I'm ready to be done with this one.
and I must say that you were one of the bright spots of the year.
XOXO - Cindi

Ellen said...

Yes....let's follow the Lord all the next year's the only way.
My TV packed up a few days ago, which has given me a quiet space to reflect on the past year and just what my priorities should be for the next....I did get to see David Copperfield ( for the 100th time) though before it blew.
I'm still loving your cat dolls and hoping that somehow I shall be able to buy one eventually.
My creativity has gone a bit flat of late, but getting fired up again now so things are "cooking".
Ellen x

Miki said...

Happy New Year 2012! May this year be happy and fruitful!!
I love your art! Thanks for the great art always!
Greetings from Japan.

Carole Reid said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your creations in 2011. I'm excited to see what you'll be doing in 2012!

Robin Kent said...

Happy New year to you,too. One of my favorite discoveries of this blah 2011 year was meeting you and the other blog friends. Thanks for the commeraderie.