Monday, December 12, 2011

the old bay window

I took this photo early this morning before the guys got here . They're here right now , banging and making all kinds of noise . I'm hiding in my studio upstairs .... Baby Em is safe in the bedroom , Juliette , Buddy and Holly are down in the basement . I hate locking the cats up . It makes me feel so bad for them , it's a long day . I know they hate the noise too . I know I really am like a cat, I'm a cat lady .... I like a peaceful house . I hate disruptions , and even though my house is a mess .... I like things where they are , even if it's a pile of junk in a corner .
well ... they'll be here today AND tomorrow
In this photo you can see that foggy thing in the window .... I couldn't see out of any of my windows ! So now I have some new windows upstairs , I get up in the middle of the night to watch the clouds move past the moon ..... nice
thank you Lord ......
I'm so grateful ! we got a new gas furnace AND now new windows !!!!!!
after this is all done I have to paint , figure out curtains . put my junk back where it belongs , ha ha [ maybe I'll get rid of more junk ]
Have a wonderful day
and thank you ..... for visiting me !!!!


Janine said...

Oh how I know what you mean! We had our windows replaced a few years back but I can remember the noise, all that hammering, etc! We had a bathroom remodel about two years ago. I hate having to have people come in and work but it is over for now and we survived! LOL! I love your bay window!

Cindi Myers said...

I got new windows a little more than 3 years ago and it's so wonderful! I can clean them easily and in the winter I don't feel the cold blowing in and the glass doesn't frost up. I had a lot of other work done too so I took all my critters to my boarding kennel and stayed at my sisters while the work was being done. It drove me crazy! I couldn't wait to get back home with my furry family.
Oh, and be careful when you are looking outside at night and enjoying the view. If you can see out, maybe someone is outside, looking back in and enjoying the view too! LOL! LOL!
:) - Cindi

Carole Reid said...

It's soooooo worth it!

tina kirk said...

That sounds so much like me!