Tuesday, January 10, 2012

for etsy ... a heart and a doll...... [ sold both ]

I love doilies ... old linens , old bureau scarves .... all that old vintage stuff
I made a heart pillow , made a bunny doll girl
in my shop now

ALL my windows are in , it's so wonderful to have windows !
I've been going through all my doilies , old tablecloths ..... I've been making curtains
I'll show you when I'm done
of course I should be PAINTING the new windows , but I felt like sewing curtains first
have a good week !


Cindi Myers said...

The heart pillow is very pretty and bunny girl is so sweet...

where is her evil twin hiding?

yoborobo said...

They look so great together! I have been itching to sew lately. Maybe tomorrow. :) LOVE your stuff. xo

Ronnie said...

Hello Sandy of the North. It has been too long! I'm trying to catch up with you here on the blog! I'm happy to see you have a new gas furnace and new windows! I love the big window with the wide shelf or seat however you plan to use it. I can imagine you doing hand sewing in the good sun light with your dear cats near by. You asked about gas stoves. If you've never had one, you don't know what you're missing. I LOVE to cook on gas. Joe and I are renovating an old house (105 years old). It has an electric stove. I am burning everything I cook. I've learned to laugh and just leave the backdoor open to let out the smoke! I'm hoping we'll get gas soon. I must go. 10PM and I'm already yawning. Blessings to you, Internet friend! Glad to know you are back to normal and all the workmen are off to other jobs. XO

Anonymous said...

I love her! Beautiful faces and fabrics.

Sunny Avocado Art said...

LOVE your stuff! All of it is intriguing!