Monday, December 19, 2011

Sale in my Etsy shop

My Easter - Christmas window
the African Violets are blooming in my beautiful rabbit
and see the Santa ? >>>> That is my only Christmas decoration
All the work that was done here , plus making dolls and things for Etsy has kept me too busy to even decorate
I hope everyone is happy ....decorating and baking , wrapping presents, singing Christmas carols and praising God for Jesus !
One more thing !
I have put MANY things on sale in my shop ....... clearing things out to make room for new art coming in January
so SALE in my shop !!!!
Have fun


Robin Kent said...

Hope you have a chance now to stop and smell the African Violets! No Christmas decorations here either, just doing nursing duty wiht Mom. Too bad because she always decorated to the max for Christmas. The only holiday pieces I took out for her were the Christmas coffee mugs, which I give her to use everyday.

Carole Reid said...

Love your bunny! A little wire tree with bells and a decorated egg bobble are all the decorations I have out this year but my daughter's place will be beautifully decorated.

Cindi Myers said...

no decorations here either.
except the little lite tree outside on the steps.
oh well, maybe next year.

Susan said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I stopped decorating inside several years ago. Too much hassle putting it all away. I use a Snowflake mug for my coffee and that's about it. In any event, have a great "rest of the year" and a Blessed New Year.

Sandy Mastroni said...

you all make me smile
thank you for telling me how you do [ or don't ] decorate !
Merry Christmas