Wednesday, December 14, 2011

my NEW window

They just left ... the new window is in ! ....... YAY . WHat a big job this was ... two and half days .
so, you ask ......
How long before you junk up the window ? My answer ...... not too long !

They finished at noon , as soon as they drove away I let the cats out , changed into my crappy clothes , made tea and a salami sandwich [ to celebrate ] and then ......... I put junk in the window .
The cats [ to my surprise ] are not interested , but I can always count on Jerry .
so here's the new window
I know it looks awful and HUGE ...... it's 18 inches deep
It needs paint and curtains [ and junk ]
But I am very happy the workers are gone , and happy with the window . it's good and solid , no more DRAFTS
I am alone again
ah ........... peace .


Cindi Myers said...

very nice.

lynne h said...

oh sandy, i'm glad you're alone again... but that window is *awfully* nice and certainly looks to have been worth the disruption. (ha ha, easy for me to say ; )


Dixie Redmond said...

I think it looks great! Much better than the old bay window shape.

Carole Reid said...

Nice windows!

Unknown said...

The new window is very impressive BUT that Knucklhead doll is even better! :o)

Unknown said...

Or is it Jerry..?

Janine said...

Wow! It is beautiful Sandy! Worth the wait I am sure!

Anonymous said...

Oh, fabulous. Nothing like a new window to brighten your view of the world.

Susan said...

Your new window is beautiful. We did the same thing a while back, you will love it. Congrats.

Nancy Ferdinand said...
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