Friday, July 24, 2009

small illustration...sold

on illustration board
about 6 x 6 inches, colored with
Willow Derwent Inktense pencil.
[YAY ]

Priscilla stole the rabbit and she did not feel bad about it .

Is it bad ? or badly ?
Is there an English teacher out there ?

got my answer :
It's .... badly .

Priscilla stole the rabbit and she did not feel badly about it .
Thank you Lydia


Lydia said...

Hi- It's badly, an adverb describing how she felt/hadn't felt - (language major good enough?hehe:) )

Sandy, you capture retro styling with such subtle humor. I love that. All 3 are great:)

Is that willow the special color that you like a lot?

Going bonkers. Kip had to be hydrated and force fed at the vets. And the surprise party is tomorrow. So much coordinating and cooking 'behind his back'.We're expecting 100+. Luckily it's not at the house, but at the club.

:) Lydia

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thank you Lydia for the proper English lesson .
Yes >>>> I love the color
" Willow " which is an Inktense pencil .
Hoping Kip feels better ,
Have a wonderful party !

Theresa said...

Oh... I like the rabbit... I'd steal him too. I would love him... I would feed him and I'd call him George. :)



Sandy Mastroni said...

ok we'll call him George !

Anonymous said...

I love the rabbit and girl! very cute. nice work. I looked for the Inktense but was looking for pens instead of pencil. I get the urge to draw now and then for pleasure. big hug, Deborah

bo betsy said...

she is just perfect, sandy! (do i always say that??) the last time i trimmed my bangs i was trying for just that look... unfortunately i got my eyebrows a few times in the effort. :) now i'm growing the eyebrows AND the bangs out!
oh yeah, back to the drawing -- I LOVE LOVE her! crazy and endearing...

Daphne said...

Great expression. She has an ever-so-slight guilty defiance on her little face.
I would take a bit of literary license and stick with 'bad' over 'badly'. Just fits the mood better in my humble opinion.

Love ya!


Meg Mitchell said...

This is one of my favorite.