Friday, July 24, 2009


Just pencil on Canson Paper
Canson is really nice to draw on


Krissy said...

Oh, how I love your style! So unique. I hope the cats have recovered from the storm....
have a great weekend!

Theresa said...

I really like this's almost like I can hear him say to her "Look sweetheart this is the way it's going to be... got it" (insert a mob like voice you know like how Cagney would do it). Well maybe this piece just speaks to me. :)



Sandy Mastroni said...

thanks Krissy !
I really appreciate your comment !
and Theresa
[smart girl ]
This drawing was inspired by a photo in a movie magazine .
It was a photo of Joan Crawford in an old movie called ' Paris '
although I didn't try to make this woman look like joan
it was just a picture I got inspired by

Daphne said...

I am a huge fan of Joan Crawford! It just doesn't get any better than 'Mildred Pierce' or 'The Women'.