Sunday, July 19, 2009

Heavenly Cupcakes painting , original acrylic painting

This angel reminds me of Shirley Temple although I don't think Shirley looked this nutty .
This painting was at America Oh Yes Folk Art Gallery ..... but I am so sad that the gallery recently closed ....
now it's in my Etsy shop

Happy Sunday !
Have a cupcake


Ronnie said...

Hi Sandy!
I had fun catching up on your blog tonight. I read your post about your down mood last week. I'm glad you're back at it and THANKS for the reminder that there is help out there if we just remember to ask.
Right now, I'm in mid air, jumping from the too fast merry-go-round that has been my life lately! Wish me a soft grassy landing. Gotta get back to the art!
Love those sweet cats with their Sandy faces! Is the book available with your art in it?

Ronnie said...

Never mind! I got my lame butt in gear and Googled for Lisa's book.
Anybody else interested, here's the link.

Tracy Nuskey Dodson said...

Glad you're out of your funk! I'm loving your painted dolls...very cute:)
Enjoy your week!
Say hi to Jerry for me.