Thursday, July 16, 2009

sculpted Lady

Yes I made her [ a few years ago ] .... I took an old bottle , covered it with polymer clay , sculpted her face , embedded sea shells , jewelry , buttons and beads
and then painted it and antiqued it

She's in the photo below .
notice the

' Artistic ' dust on the buttons !!!!!


Theresa said...

Great sculpture Sandy she makes me think of Queen Elizabeth... not sure why... it must be her regal face.

Janine said...

Sandy, that doll is so amazing!

Thank you for stopping by...I just have to link you to my blog your work is just wonderful!

I have a set of those pencils, you can use them on cloth? I have to try that...I just love those pencils and it would be great to see what else I can play with them on!!!

Thank you for your comments!

Janine said...

Sandy, you really should submit that doll in Art Doll Quarterly! I have never seen anything like it! I just can't stop staring at it!

Lydia said...

This doll and/or the teapot would make great class material at one of the mixed media art events/retreats!

I'd love to get one going in our Eastern area. Closest I know of is Art & Soul in Hampden(?), Va. That was in apr/may.

Linda O'Neill said...

Hi her face!

Really enjoyed your bunny cloud post. It was so honest and heartfelt.

canngil said...

love the detail!
how much does that thing weigh??