Friday, July 17, 2009

Like a Rhinestone CAT girl ,,,,fabric art doll , hand painted face

Just added this to my Etsy shop because I made it TODAY !
She comes with two greeting cards and the flower.
Her arms , legs and tail move ...

And now I can't stop singing >
Like a

I am hoping some of you are old enough to remember Glen Campbell's song ...
Like a
Please tell me you remember
and that this song will now play over and over in your head .... ha ha


Theresa said...

Yeah... I do remember that song. My folks use to love country music and I heard that song often. :)



Susan said...

Ohh, I still love Glen. You are going to have a big success with the Cat Girls. Great idea from a great mind! Take care, Susan.

Lydia said...

Of course the song will now be in the head-hahaha

She's great!

Priti Lisa said...

Of course I remember the song, every word, and never liked it.
So thanks a lot for the torment.
The broken record that never ends...
LOL, Lisa
But I LOVE the dolls! Looks like you have a new obsession.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Theresa , Lydia , Susan
Thank you for visiting
I never liked the song either
[ ha ha ]
but it was perfect for the rhinestone cat