Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doily Ladies...... sold

Today I went to Stratford Antique Center ...
bought a little doily

I tried INKTENSE pencils
on fabric !!!!!

I drew these ladies with pen .
and then used inktense
It worked .
I didn't need to add much water , so it didn't bleed out of the lines .

Yes .... it was fun .
It is also a reminder to me to lay off the pierogies ....
I wonder if you know what pierogies are .

Buddy says ...
It's 2 a.m.

He is sitting here
waiting .
I'd better go now
Good night
Good morning !


Archie and Melissa said...

hi sandy!
lol! buddy does look like he is asking you to go to bed. :) heeee!
i love your doily!
great post!

Theresa said...

Sandy you just amaze me... this drawing is absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! I think you should do more of these doilies they'd look great framed. :)


La Fiancée disparue said...

Oh, please don't EVER stop eating pierogies! Ever! They are SO yummy!!


Anonymous said...

I love this. Buddy really does look grumpy and tired!


Sandy Mastroni said...

Buddy is grumpy ... he gets fed up with me [ so does my husband ]
husband says :
WHEN are you going to clean up the piles ?
What do I do with this stuff when you die ?
Buddy says :
When will you play with me
When are we going to bed
What do I do with this stuff when you die ?

NanaBeast said...

What a great idea you came up with. Good, good, good!

Okay. You got me. I had to look up Pierogies. Oh, boy! Do they ever sound delicious. Is this something you would cook yourself or buy at the delicatessen?

My kitty Todd looks at me that way, too! I keep telling him to "start without me", but he ignores that and INSISTS that I get to bed...NOW.

suze said...

Buddy made me laugh...funny photo. But Oh No! Now I must try these pencils on fabric. Right now I am using them on wood. Sandy, we may need a support group...for these pencils. I love them!!!

Lydia said...

Yes, I know what pirogi are:) What kind of ink do you use-What fun! These are great. I love your sense of humor.