Friday, July 24, 2009

small illustration...sold

on illustration board
about 6 x 6 inches, colored with
Willow Derwent Inktense pencil.
[YAY ]

Priscilla stole the rabbit and she did not feel bad about it .

Is it bad ? or badly ?
Is there an English teacher out there ?

got my answer :
It's .... badly .

Priscilla stole the rabbit and she did not feel badly about it .
Thank you Lydia


Lydia said...

Hi- It's badly, an adverb describing how she felt/hadn't felt - (language major good enough?hehe:) )

Sandy, you capture retro styling with such subtle humor. I love that. All 3 are great:)

Is that willow the special color that you like a lot?

Going bonkers. Kip had to be hydrated and force fed at the vets. And the surprise party is tomorrow. So much coordinating and cooking 'behind his back'.We're expecting 100+. Luckily it's not at the house, but at the club.

:) Lydia

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thank you Lydia for the proper English lesson .
Yes >>>> I love the color
" Willow " which is an Inktense pencil .
Hoping Kip feels better ,
Have a wonderful party !

Theresa said...

Oh... I like the rabbit... I'd steal him too. I would love him... I would feed him and I'd call him George. :)



Sandy Mastroni said...

ok we'll call him George !

Anonymous said...

I love the rabbit and girl! very cute. nice work. I looked for the Inktense but was looking for pens instead of pencil. I get the urge to draw now and then for pleasure. big hug, Deborah

bo betsy said...

she is just perfect, sandy! (do i always say that??) the last time i trimmed my bangs i was trying for just that look... unfortunately i got my eyebrows a few times in the effort. :) now i'm growing the eyebrows AND the bangs out!
oh yeah, back to the drawing -- I LOVE LOVE her! crazy and endearing...

Daphne said...

Great expression. She has an ever-so-slight guilty defiance on her little face.
I would take a bit of literary license and stick with 'bad' over 'badly'. Just fits the mood better in my humble opinion.

Love ya!


Priscilla Mae et al said...

This is one of my favorite.