Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mr. NonDescript

Someone told me that I don't draw enough
men .
so today I drew.....
Mr. NonDescript

and Inktense does not work very well on smooth paper .

Much better on watercolor
or illustration board .

I'm working too hard .
trying too hard .

stressing over this Miami show .

so little time
I am weak
food .... I need food .... water
I'm fading
I'm melting


Diana said...

Dude. I totally missed the opportunity to congratulate you on your upcoming show in Florida!!! I read it this weekend, but have been running around trying to remember all the details I'm forgetting...


It's no surprise to me, but I am absolutely thrilled. Thrilled for the honor for you, thrilled for the new people who will be exposed to your art and unique vision.

So many great things for you on the horizon. Don't melt!!!


Denise Leavens said...



Nah, as Crabby Cat would say, you need a CUPCAKE - and a nice cold glass of milk with it! It is so very refreshing.

And it sounds like re-FRESH-ment is what you need! A refreshing walk around the block always sounds like it would take too much time, but it ADDS time...time of vitality, fresh energy, balance, and renewal. Not to mention oxygen to the brain...at least that is what I'm told...you don't think I, ME, MYsElf do this, do you? I don't have the time.

Love you - you know I'm praying!

suze said...

Eat some chocolate...you will be fine!